workers salaries.

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workers are the engine room of public and private sectors of the economy without them these industries cannot grow and develop efficiently.they are industrious and enterprising people.who ensure that these industries grow and develop and put in their time and resources to see that they are rewarded.

employers should ensure prompt payment of workers salaries as this will help them to put in more energy to work.they are breadwinners of their families.when these salaries are paid regularly they will be able to meet up with their responsibilities to their families.

when there is retrenchment, they are laid off with no salaries they are sad and frustrated with nothing to do.they are replaced with new workers who bring s ideas to the companies to grow and develop effectively.

they are told to look elsewhere and find work.their families are sad and frustrated.

in the case of global meltdown industries are hit badly workers are sacked in order for these companies to keep up with the number of workers they can cater for effectively.

in order to resolve these,employer of labour should pay workers and promote at the same time for their service to the company based on merit and not sentiments.

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