when you learn to say I’m sorry (1)

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Jonathan was one of my best childhood friends.We played together, worked together and read together. We were so very close, that we were at times referred to as “twin towers”.
One day we had a quarrel,that day nobody talked to the other.By the next day, I was done quarreling,, ready to friends again. I was sure,that he himself also felt the same. But the question is,WHO WILL START THE RECONCILIATION?This indecision tarried till the second day. I saw the way he constantly looked my way,I knew we both had the same problem.
Towards lunchtime, I couldn’t bear it any longer.I remembered the good times,the challenges we faced together..I decided to ” swallow my pride” and be the peacemaker,because my mind never rested.I rushed to where he sat at his corner and called him.” Joe” and he smiled,all the happiness that money and fame could not give, was in that smile.And we became better friends.
Sometimes I wonder why people find it so difficult to say I’m sorry. That accounts for the many countless broken relationships we see today.It is not all wars that you have to fight to win.A fire,no matter how strong, can always be put off by the sprinkle of cold water.It’s time you started working on quenching that fire that is eating up your relationship,marriage, and opportunities. Take the step.Seeking to make peace doesn’t make you a weakling, it shows the strength in you,it shows maturity, it shows self control,it shows power!
Build that broken bridge,make it work! The other party is tired of the dispute as much as you,but who will take the step? Take it or leave it,there is a simple magic to stop the consuming fire,20160822202547 I’M SORRY.
Communication is key.

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