The Legend of Dark Knight

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Knights are soldiers that risk their lives for the good of the kingdom they go as far as risking their lives no matter what it will take them,they are brave and courageous soldiers whose lives are that of nobility to the kingdom and to humanity as well.They are remembered for their service to the kingdom in their honour,by paying tributes to them in the kingdom.
People are indebted to them for saving them in times of trouble and affliction when enemies invade the kingdom with soldiers at the service at all times.This is another blockbuster written to excite viewers and audience alike with a view to enlighten them about knights and their duty to the kingdom it is being said that knights are made,some are born to rule as well as to protect the kingdom.It is full of action,thriller and suspense.
King John Crown,Queen Anna Crown and their son Prince Marlone Crown were having a party in the kingdom of Ithica with dignitaries in attendance to grace the event,maid servants where there to serve them with lots of food to eat and drink as well to their feel.Acrobats were there to thrill the crowd which was lovely everyone was happy.
Chester Charles,a warlock was there to grace the occassion he was very sensitive to attack of the witch that would want to attack the kingdom,while that was going on,Morgain Crow a witch was at the ceremony plotting how to attack the kingdom she disguised as a guest,her looks was very deceptive she is beautiful,a group of assassins attacked everyone including the knights,King and Queen and the Prince as well.
There was chaos,everyone including the guests were shocked at the turn of the event.Chester Charles also attacked some of the assassins they died in the process,some knights died as well,the witch killed some of the maids as she was after the Prince but she was unfortunate,to miss her target but instead she met Charles Chester the warlock who was more powerful than her they fought for a while with their powers until Morgain Crow disappeared in their presence all of a sudden.
The kingdom was in disarray at what had happened there was weeping,a lot of people lost their loved ones including some knights.
The King,Queen and the Prince were at the townsquare to witness the burial of the knights and some of the maids which was every emotional,they were burnt with sticks around them as a sign of honour for the kingdom.
The King ordered the knights to search for knights to serve the kingdom with honour and integrity which they did without delay with horses Sir King Lot,Sir Jason Scott were also there on the mission to look for knights to serve the kingdom which was a tedious journey as well.They rode through until they got to a town of Ugrene a stumble upon people back there,they saw a group of men practising with swords by name Eugene Cold,Peter Pan they greeted Sir Jason Scott,Sir King Lot and the others they were surprised to see them and asked the reason for their visit they were told about a witch and some assassins that attacked the kingdom and wanted knights to fortify the kingdom.
They followed them to the kingdom of Ithica,which was a long journey but they got there,the knights alerted the King at the arrival of the Knights with some strangers.The king,Queen and the Prince were taking their lunch and had to receive them at the palace,they were received by the King,Queen and the Prince the knights and everyone.
The knights,Sir King Lot,and Sir Jason Scott greeted the King,Queen and Prince.Eugene Cold,Peter Pan greeted the King,Queen and the Prince they told them that they will serve them with honour,they were knighted by the King it was an elaborate ceremony with everyone in attendance.
Meanwhile,Morgain Crow and the others were planning their next move in the kingdom of Ithica moulding their bows and arrows,while Morgain Crow was practising black magic.
Meanwhile,Chester Charles was in the palace he assured the King and Queen that he will protect them and that no harm will befall them,and that he will stand with the knights to defeat the witch and the assassins.
The next day the King,the Prince and the knights were outside the palace to prepare for the witch and the assassins,they had archers with them as well as cannon balls for attack.The witch and the assassins arrived at the palace on horses,the King ordered the archers to shot their arrows which they did,it landed on some of the assassins,killing some of them,Morgain Crow ordered them to attack which they did,Morgain Crow fought with Chester Charles,the King,the Prince and the knights attacked the assassins they died in the process.
Chester Charles killed Morgain Crow,she died there was a sigh of relief in the kingdom.
The End.




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