The crush..has it happened to you??

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There are forces in nature,forces stronger than man himself, that could override personal sense of judgement. It reaches into your base,into your stupidy,and you find that you are graduallly “losing it”.
One of such forces is so strong, that even a man’s last card is not spared it’s fangs.
I’m talking about …the crush.

Just as the name implies,it crushes your normal mind to incarceration. If you’ve ever been through this,you’ll find you are almost in an emotional prison and on fire. Your mind processes get fired to the maximum.
Now let’s try describing a crush layman’s terms.
1.That moment in the office, a new girl suddenly joins the company, and you suddenly get “trapped” by her beauty.You peek out from your office each time you hear the sound of her car(which your mesmerized brain registers automatically) .. It’s called a crush!
2.In the lecture hall,you suddenly notice this guy,so cute,so perfect..and you confessed to yourself you could give anything,just for a smile from him, you. Start flashing him some green lights…then two weeks later..he asks for your note….crush!
3.In your street,you find that the house across just had new neighbours.The new tenants had just one child,you find her on your way back from school one day,and you discover that this girl is” fresh” The next week you walk into her in the market, and your heart starts skipping some beats..then in church next Sunday a very soft and palatable voice says “hello,please could you show me the vicar’s office? ..and you turn to see the cutest babe with the nicest smile ever..and your heart stops beating.

It’s called a crush!

Now that you know what a crush is,we’d be taking some “testimonies” from next edition of this topic.Send us your story of your experience, it’ll come on here live by next edition.
Send it to [email protected] or ,[email protected]
See ya!

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