The Blood Demon

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Demon s are agents of the antichrist who terrorise people who are disciples of Christ,they go as far as inflicting pain on people for no just cause whatsoever in a quest to take over the earth for the coming of the antichrist to unleash mayhem and horror on the .They are aggressive and very ruthless no sympathy at all.
The people who are Christ followers need to be firm and pray to God to help them overcome evil that is in the world all they have to do is to be steadfast and pray in order not to fall into temptation of the Devil the leader of darkness in the world and his foot soldiers who are here to steal,kill and to destroy the people who serve God and vampires are not left out in this quest they work hand in hand with them.They kill because they are very hungry for blood every seconds to satisfy their thirst and hunger.
They too are looking for people to bite to become one of them,they bite the neck of people because that is where the virus is transmitted it goes round the body and finally gets to the brain for it to be effective.The person becomes one of them and cause terror in the hearts of people.
It is a fiction story full of action,thriller and suspense to excite viewers and audience alike who would like to hear good stories.
A catholic priest Rev.Father Peter Charles was preaching in the Church that fateful day at Saint Phoenix Catholic Church in Virginia with members of the congregation in attendance when the vampires and some agents of the anti-christ arrived in the Church unexpectedly there was panic from the people,a lot of people were afraid of them including the cathoilc priest,they looked scary at first and were in need of people to devour.Blood was dripping out of the mouth of vampires,they were desperately hungry for food.The names of the antichrist are Damian Shearer,Charles Dickens and Joan Nickle,for the vampires they include Heather Thorne,Dicken Fries and Amond Noble.They killed a lot of people the vampires they beat the neck of people and suck their blood,they were helpless,the catholic priest was not spared in the attack he too was beaten and became one of them,it was a gory sight to behold,the antichrist agents and the vampires killed a lot of people in the Church,there was crying and wailing in the air,a lot of people lost their loved ones back there.
Meanwhile the vampire hunters Michael Jordan,Angela One,and Isabella Pick and Nick Paine were in search of the vampires roaming the earth in search of people to kill.They had axes,guns,garlic,and holy water as well as silver bullets with them for self-defence against the attack of vampires and agents of the anti-christ as they walked along the streets they encountered lots of vampires,they killed them with axes strucking them in the head because that is the best way to kill them. A lot of people have died because of the vampires ruling the city.
The agents of the anti-christ have also being killing people who worship God.The vampire hunters were heading to acatholic Church in Virginia,on getting there,they found dead bodies all over the place soaked in blood,they were sad at what they saw and vowed to kill the vampires and agents of the anti-christ some people who were at the Church told them all that happened that it was the handwork of the vampires and agents of the anti-christ having listened to them,they told them that they will burnt the vampires and agents of the anti-christ.They dispatched immediately to hunt for them in various places.
Meanwhile,Damian Shearer,Chrales Dickens,Heather Thorne,Dicken Fries,Amond Noble and Joan Nickle were attacking people when Nick Paine,Isabella Pick,Michael Jordan and Angela One came in contact with them it was a fierce combat between them they killed the vampires with axes struck on their heads and the others who were beaten as well leaving Damian Shearer,Charles Dickens and Joan Nickle.
Michael Jordan faced Charles Dickens they fought vigorously eventually Michael Jordan used garlic and holy water to kill Damian Shearer,he died on the spot,likewise Isabella Pick,Nick Paine and Angela One they killed Charles Dickens and Joan Nickle.It was a sigh of relief.Peace returned to the city once more.


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