since i was a child..

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i have asked so many people, young and old, but none seems to fully comprehend this thing called is one thing that makes us all one, evidence of life in us. so many people have called it many names. but it has none like it. true love has no way it can be fully measured or defined, it is life defined. from when i was a child, i have always seen that face, that smile in my minds eye..

Since i was a child
i have been waiting
there is face
there is a voice
i feel the eyes

Since i was a child
my ears have been hearing
that voice has been calling for ages
it is the voice of love.
it is face i have never seen,
but with a smile
that has kept a warm place in my heart.

since i was a child
i have always felt it,
like the wind
all around me.
i can’t touch it,
but i always feel it,
in my trials,
in my troubles
in my anguish
in my pains
i still see that smile
i so very much wait to look into those eyes
that i have been seeing in my mind’s eye
since i was a child.
i will not stop until i find that face
until i find that voice
until i find the owner of that smile.
That has followed me
since i was a child.

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