The power of silence: The hawk and the hen

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    According to folklore, the kite once decided to feed on a nearby farm where the farmer practiced an extensive poultry system. The kite hovered day after day, known for his precision of attack.
    One day he caught sight of a hen foraging with her newly hatched chicks. The kite swooped down and in a single move, grabbed one of the chicks. The hen raised such a fuse,that even her other chicks ran away in fright at seeing their “mom” so aggravated. The kite watched with satisfaction from a nearby tree as the hen exhausted her strenght and anger. He smiled and flew away to his nest to feed his “wife” and their newly hatched young ones.
    Long after that, the same kite came hovering down, and saw another hen with her chicks searching for food.As usual, he took the coordinates and in a single wao took one of the chicks. This hen however disappointed the kite. It just looked at the kite, and continued foraging! The kite after watching for long from his hideout on the tree, got disappointed and frustrated. With a look of despair, he flew down and dropped the chick!
    The other kites around who saw what happened were astonished and queried the hawk.
    “the first hen gave vent to her anger,and that was all she could ever do, but this hen just kept mute and carried on as if nothing happened. There’s much threat to fear in her,because no one knows what she’s got on her mind”
    Some people believe that victory can only be won by intimidating their opponents (or those they perceive to be) into silence.. But The most dangerous enemy is the silent enemy. Those who make a lot of noise exhaust their anger and end up doing nothing. But the silent anger. you must not express every anger, every emotion that comes up in you. this applies in all areas of life ; stress management, spirituality,business..everything we do. even in daily conversations. Just imagine your conversation partner has just said something that angered you. Would you be wiser to respond or to remain silent? Silence lets you cool down and gives the person a moment to reconsider and say something kinder. If you lash back, it’s more likely to ratchet up the tension and to create more heat than light.
    even at eork and organizations, . Leaders often make the mistake of jumping in quickly and trying to find a solution. However, this isn’t necessarily the best strategy. Good leaders give their employees the tools they need to find their own answers, and silence is one of the tools you can use to help employees find their own tools. In fact, I find that when I let someone vent, they often discover answers on their own. In some cases, they come to realize that they played a role in what they’re upset about, or they realize that the situation isn’t as bad as they thought it.” What we need most in order to make progress is to be silent before this great God with our appetite and with our tongue, for the language he best hears is silent love.”
    – St John of the Cross
    in spiritual life, like we see in the hawk above, you will find that like Job, you will silence the enemy who the scriptures make us to understand stands always, accusing the saints. and you will get your victory,
    “Pay attention, O Job, listen to me; Keep silent, and let me speak…listen to me; Keep silent, and I will teach you wisdom.”
    – Job 33:31-33

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