10 Of The Most Powerful Photo Stories On The Internet This Week

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This week marked the beginning of celebrating Black History Month, after a year when race was brought to the forefront of the news. Here at BuzzFeed News, we’ll be highlighting Black stories all month. We spoke with Antwaun Sargent, one of the art world’s best-known critics, about five Black photographers who influenced him. We also looked at a new book from Amani Willett about the Black experience on the road, and loved the work of Tayo Adekunle in the British Journal of Photography.

If you live in the Northeast or the Midwest of the United States, then you probably spent a lot of time digging yourself out of the snow this week. It was beautiful while it fell, and then almost immediately overwhelming to anyone biking, driving, or walking through it. We looked at some of the best pictures from the snowstorm from different cities affected this past week. We also loved the wordk of a young photographer who documented the destruction of Indigenous land by drone. As Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon’s CEO, we looked back on 26 years of his reign. And we rewind 100 years to look at the work of woman photographer Madame d’Ora, who photographed high society in the 1920s. Debsuddha Banerjee photographed his albino aunts in India — two women who were secluded in isolation long before the pandemic. Lastly, how does a zoo provide for its animals when there are no visitors to buy tickets? One Greek zoo let a photographer in to document that struggle.

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“The Art World’s Hottest Critic on the Five Black Photographers Who Influenced Him” — BuzzFeed News

Gordon Parks

“Looking Back Into the Colonial Gaze” — British Journal of Photography

Tayo Adekunle

“Photographs That Look at the Black American Experience on the Road, Then and Now” — BuzzFeed News

Courtesy of Amani Willett

“Old Fashioned Images Evoke The Complicated History of Black Military Service” — National Geographic

Rashod Taylor, National Geographic

“Two Elderly Sisters in Lifelong Isolation in India” — The New Yorker

Debsuddha Banerjee

“The Roaring ‘20s Through The Eyes of a Woman Photographer” — BuzzFeed News

Madame d’ Ora / Ullstein Bild via Getty Images)]

“No Income, 2,000 Mouths to Feed: Lockdown Squeezes Greek Zoo” — Associated Press

Petros Giannakouris / AP

“Jeff Bezos Founded Amazon More Than 26 Years Ago. Here’s What He Achieved.” — The Wall Street Journal

Paul Souders / Getty Images

“Documenting Destruction From Above” — High Country News

Paul Wilson

“A Massive Snowstorm Hit the Northeast and the Photos Are Stunning” — BuzzFeed News

Scott Heins / Getty Images


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