Midnight Werewolf

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This is another work of fiction written by me to excite viewers and audience alike to draw attention about werewolves what they are capable of doing to humans,the danger they constitute to people when they come in contact with them werewolves are fierce and aggressive creatures that are very hostile to people around them,werewolves are a nuisance during their first full moon,they are hard to control.
People change to werewolves during the full moon especially during midnight each day.They kill people without mercy,they are hard to avoid,they pursue people with full speed and eat people raw and kill sometimes.
People are scared when they see werewolves because they cause nightmares in their sleep,they are referred to as the king of the terror that comes in the night.People cannot sleep for fear of being killed by werewolves because the moment they sleep they die and never wake up.The werewolves reside in the forest,they are cannibals,they eat human beings as well as animals,they have a voracious appetite,they are hungry every seconds.People who survive injuries from werewolves inflicted on them escape with their lives.Everyone looks forward to who will save them from werewolves who cause harm to them.It is full of thriller,action and suspense.It follows movies like Wolfman,Van Helsing,Wolfbane,Lycans,Underworld Evolution,Underworld Awakening,Werewolf Rising,Wolf Cop,e.t.c.
John Isle a werewolf hunter was walking in the forest with his guns and silver bullets with him that fateful day while that was going on a werewolf attacked him from behind,it was so sudden,he was stunned but summoned courage to shoot at the werewolf but it escaped and went to a bush path,it was in the dead of the night when people were asleep.
The werewolf attacked people in their houses unannounced some were killed by the werewolf.There was chaos in the night,people were screaming,crying over the death of their loved ones,bodies displaced,eyes chopped off,as well as fingers and legs,which is very common sights to behold,very scary and horrifying,people watch the werewolf it roared at them and ran away.At the end of midnight,the werewolf turns into a normal human being with the body shrinking back to normal.The name of the man that turned into a werewolf is Michael Cook,he is an orphan,he lives alone in the outskirts of the town,he is a farmer that deals on crops and livestock and sells to people that need them he earns a living for himself as a farmer,he is focused and hard working,Kate Moore is a fashion designer in the town,she is a reputable fashion designer in the town,known among the people while Ken Higgins is her fiancee a councilor,he is in charge of the town,running the affairs that relates to finance and development in terms of roads,bridges,taxes,infrastructural development like power,water and other social services.
He is well loved by the people because he is friendly,caring and understanding,he is a good listener and fond of cracking jokes.At the close of work he goes to see Kate Moore,to spend time with her,she is pleased to see him but before then,Michael Cook likes Kate Moore,but she is engaged to Ken Higgins,which makes them very uncomfortable,he becomes jealous of both of them,but unknown to them he is the werewolf that brings nightmare to the people.
At the stroke of midnight,Michael Cook trans formed into a werewolf attacking people and killing people without mercy,he went to attack Ken Higgins at his house,he summoned courage to face him but was no match for the werewolf,the werewolf roared at him,that attracted people including Kate Moore his fiance,meanwhile,the hunter came to confront the werewolf face to face,he injured Ken Higgins but at the end,John Isle shot at the werewolf with silver bullets till it changed into a human,to their surprise they saw that it was Michael Cook he told them that he was responsible for the death of many people,he told them he was jealous of Kate Moore because she was with him all day and wanted to kill them,after saying this he died.
Everyone was at peace once more.
The End.

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