recently concluded euro 2016.

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the european competition is held every four years among european is organised to foster unity among is organised by european union football association the body charged with the responsibility of organizing tournament among football nations in brings a feeling of nostalgia and excitement among fans and spectators for the people to watch live football matches in europe.draws are held in the european union football association headquarters in switzerland draws are held to know which team with play against each other.only some teams qualify for the tournament and this is done for the public to see and this is done without bias or impartiality.
on the day of the tournament,eufa officials arrive along with european countries and the coaches as well they are conveyed to the hotel where they will be staying for a few weeka when the tournament will last.on the day of the match officials of eufa,along with the people that will lift the banner for the tournament with various inscription for the world lift it up for the spectators to see with excitement.the two countries that are playing arrive at the field with their coaches.they recite the national anthem in order for the match to begin.when that is done the players with their coaches shake themselves along with the referee and his two assistants.
the referee ask the captain of the other team to flip a coin for them to know which team is playing first.the tournament last for ninety minutes.the first half is forty five minutes,while the second half is forty five minutes.if no team scores the play for thirty minutes each that is first half is for fifteen minutes and second half is fifteen minutes as well.if a team scores in first or second half and defends the goal the match is over.
the eufa officials adopt goal line technology to ensure fairness in the that no team is cheated.the competition is very memorable in the life of fans and spectators,security officials are everywhere to ensure safety of everyone watching the match.
when a foul is commited the referee award a free kick.also the referee does not displaty yellow cards more than once.but if a foul is committed more than once it leads to the player being sent off from the field.and the match goes on.
the most memorable of all was when portugal played against france.the man of the man was cristiano ronaldo he was very crucial in the match his brilliance and display added flavour to the match which thrilled fans and spectators alike.he is truly a legend.
eventually portugal won the match after playin for one hundred and fifteen minutes.the goal was scored by eder.

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