Mancubus and Sucubus

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There are times when the anti-christ want to take over the earth with the aim of unleashing terror on the world,people on seeing them get afraid and take to their heels to take cover for fear of being killed in the process of losing their lives.
The creatures are scary,aggressive and fierce to look at,they look like nemesis in Resident Evil armed with guns and arrows at their back.They are very huge with built body they have no face and are not humans at all.They kill without mercy and are fierce to look at.It takes a lot of courage and gut to kill them which is not so easy to comeby.
But surely at the end,good will prevail over evil,no matter the obstacles that comes along the way,one needs to be bold and courageous and not give in to fear.
Tom Barten,William Dake and others were destroying the city with inhabitants leaving there when they arrived,people fled on sighting them took refuge in one of the buildings,Tom Barten also known as Sucubus,William Dake also known as Mancubus along with the others were on a mission to destroy the city and take over the city were armed with guns,grenades and machine guns and were dressed in green uniforms as well as army boots for protecting their legs against fire,they were much in number all over the city,lots of people were not spared in the attacks,journalists,the media and police were on ground to take pictures of them and report what took place in the city,with cameramen in attendance at the scene of the incident where it took place.
Cops like Steve Ruse,Roy Rob,Annie Way and Christine Peg were on duty at the New York Police Department with case files of criminals to attend to when they got a distress call from a witness about the invasion of strange creatures that have taken over the city of New York,Steve Ruse and his colleagues drove to the scene of the incidence.
They arrived at the scene twenty minutes ago,they were shocked at what they saw and stationed themselves at the scene with guns in theie holsters,they fired at Mancubus,Sucubus and the others but the creatures fired back at them with their machine guns which was very sophisticated,bullets were coming out of the nozzles of the machine guns at the cops it dented their cars and destroyed the windows as well.
It hit one of the cops in the arm he groaned in pain,they rushed him to hospital at one of the hospitals in New York,while the creatures resume attacks,Peggie Carter and cameraman Charles Dicken were reporting what took place when they were attacked by one of the creatures.
They were taken unawares and fled to safety unhurt with their camera and microphone intact,while reporting goes on.John Maxton,Angela Pate,Marilyn Rose,Katherine Jane,Peter Snow and Michael Kich were on their way to the city of New York hunting for creatures like Sucubus,Mancubus and the others,they had guns and arrows for self-defence against attack wherever they went.
Before that,they were attacked by some creatures in the forest it was a fierce battle for them,they had arrows and machetes with them,John Maxton and his colleagues fought them and killed them eventually.
They got to New York City about forty minutes ago with the aid of vehicle,they saw that New York City was under attack by Sucubus,Mancubus,and the others.People were panicking and were helpless at the situation.
Meanwhile,at the New York City Catholic Church,the Catholic Priest,Rev.Fr Norman One was giving a homily when all of a sudden,they sighted Mancubus and the others,the congregation was in chaos including Rev.Fr Norman One they looked fierce and violent.
The creatures destroyed the buildings of the church which left a lot of people injured,they were taken to hospital for medical care.
Peggie Carter,Charles Dicken and the cops were also at the scene and were cordoned to revent people from entering the building.Meanwhile,one of the cops is responding to treatment in one of the hospitals in New York City.
John Maxton,Angela Pate,Marilyn Rose,Katherine Jane,Peter Snow,and Michael Kich were on the battle field fighting Sucubus,Mancubus and the others,it was a fierce battle with the citizens watching as well as some police officers at the scene of the incident assisting side by side.
Steve Ruse,Annie Way,Christine Peg and the others also helping the hunters they killed some of the creatures while Steve Ruse and his colleagues were fighting Mancubus,Sucubus and the others as well.At the end,Mancubus was killed by Steve Ruse with the aid of machete,wwhile Sucubus and others were killed with grenades by John Maxton and his colleagues.
In the end,peace returned to New York City,everyone was glad and were grateful to the cops and the hunters.
The End.


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