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Setting up a website, blog or forum is one of the first steps to the goal of having your own website or blog. some people have come to me to ask how they they can go about setting up their own sites. you may like to read our introduction on this topic
having made up your mind that you are set to go, what should be the next step?
get a domain name
buying a domain name for your dream blog,forum website and business is the first thing to do. buying a domain is not a big deal,all you have to decide is; ,what name would suit your blog,forum or website?
choosing a domain name for your site is another vital part pf the set up. a good domain name gives the first impression before anybody ever starts to look at what you have to offer.
get a good domain registrar
you need to check for the availability of your chosen domain name,and purchase it. a domain registrar is like the lawyer that sings you up when you want to rent a new house. domain registrars help you check for the availability of the chosen name, and if not available they make suggestions to you of available domains. it is to these registrars that you pay for the domain, and they’ll help you set up your domain, and doing the underground legal and global domain setup requirements.
there are many good domain registrars out there, i would recommend any of the following,( i have used godaddy and whogohost and will attest to their credibility anytime any day!)
godaddy is one the world’s most used domain registrars, with wonderful 24/7 customer support
they have good 24/7 customer and technical support at your beck and call,and can even help design and set up your site for a little fee.
interserver founded in 1999 has been offering low cost webhosting and VPS soultions. Our services have low startup costs
And numerous others.
the choice of who you want to use as registrar goes a very long way to influence the success of your business
having bought your domain and fully registered it you can now move to the next step, designing and setting up your website! this will be discussed in our next updates on this topic.

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