how to create a site in cpanel without programming knowledge

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if you didn’t read our introduction to domain set up,and domain registrar you might want want to check it out here
then if you already have knowledge , you can proceed.
getting a domain is just the first step, after securing your domain and buying a suitable hosting the next vital step is to set up your site on a suitable server
your hosting company offers you a cpanel (control panel) from where you can set up and manage your site. if you are a programmer you can write up a nice script yourself,if you don’t have knowledge of programming no problem! you can install scripts like wordpress, and joomla to set up any site of your choice and taste. setting up your site can be done:
File Manager
every cpanel has a file manager from where you can organize and manage your files. you can upload your files to your file manager or you use ftp ( which we shall talk about in our next update) to set up or create your site in your cpanel, you have these steps to follow.
1. Log in to your cPanel account in your browser with the username and password provided by your Web hosting service.

2. Click the “File Manager” icon from the main page. If prompted, select “web root” as your desired location, because this is where you need to place files to make them available online.

3. Click the “New File” icon to create a new file. Create the front page on your site. This file should be named “index” or “default.” For example, your host will recognize “index.php” as the front page or “default.html.” A basic index file might look something like the following: Welcome to my site


nice to see you on my site. Click here to learn more about my site.

4. Save your file. Repeat the process to add more files. Remember to use hyperlinks to link between all your files. After you save an HTML file, you can select it from the cPanel File Manager and click “HTML Editor” to use the software’s syntactical editor, which requires an existing HTML file.
what if you have no idea about programming? you can install scripts like wordpress and joomler to set up any type of site you want. the steps to set up wordpress is given below, which is not much different from the steps to install other scripts.
1. Log in to your cPanel.

2. Click the Fantastico, softaculous or any otheer instaler icon in your cPanel to open the script installer that automatically installs software such as WordPress. Select “Wordpess” from the Blogs section, and click “New Installation.”

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3. Choose the installation location, enter an admin username and password and your email information. Click the button to begin the install.

4. Click the button to confirm installation. The script sends you an email with your login information and dashboard URL. Log in to WordPress and click “Add New” under posts or pages to begin adding content to your website. Once you press “Publish,” your content will go live.
the information above is for clients whose hosts have cpanel. what if your host doesn’t have a standard cpanel? don’t worry, we will discuss that in next update. comment your questions here,or contact us for help with your questions

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