Have you tasted the goat meat pepper soup?

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You know each culture have their own specialties, in my communication with many african friends, many african cultures one dish they hold in high esteem.

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Goat meat pepper soup is one popular african dish you’d love to taste. my Japanese friend in New York confessed to me he visited an african restaurant  last two months and of all the many things in the menu, he chose to try this one out. That inspired this article.Have you tasted the African goat meat pepper soup? if not ,you are missing out! lol. i hardly out,but i had to , just to taste the African goat meat pepper soup! i had one of the attendants paged for quarter an hour trying to teach me how to do it. The chef went home that weekend and goat meat pepper soup got on my menu at home.self prepared of course.

if you are one who likes to try out new things,this is your thing!

to cook the goat meat pepper soup,you’d need the following


1. 4 seeds of Calabash Nutmeg or Ehu or Ariwo ( or nutmeg powder)

2. 700g of fresh goat meat (with skin);

3. 2 table spoons of dry uziza or a couple scent leaves (known as Menta in Spanish)

4. Habanero Pepper;

5.2 onions;


7. 2 stock cubes (big).


1. Peel and powder the ‘secret’ ingredient (which is ehu seeds) with a dehydrated mill. The ehu seeds are hard to peel, to make them easier, fry them with a saucepan then peel. roasting helps to upgrade the taste of the ehu seeds.

2. grind the seeds in a mortar or grinding machine.

3. Slice the onions into large chunks.

4. Pick and wash up the fragrance leaves. If using dehydrated uziza, rub it with your fingers to break apart them into some small pieces. (you can use mint/scent leaves or the uziza leaves)

5. Wash up the goat meat with salt  and place in a sizeable pan. or pressure cooker to save time

6. Pour some tap water to cover your meat.

7. Put the stock cubes, ground ehu seeds and the chunks of onion and begin cooking.

8. When the meat is done, take off the chunks of onion.

9. Put pepper, fragrance leaves or your uziza leaves. Cover the pan and leave to stew for 5-7 minutes.

10. your pepper soup is ready!

you can take the pepper soup solo,or with yam, (Dioscorea spp) potatoes (Ipomea spp) or Agidi from (made from corn) or better still with your choice of fufu/swallow ie. if the pepper soup is thick enough for that.

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