God’s calendar has no expiry date.

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Ecclesiastes 3:1 says” to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven”.

  • one feature which is most common on most products is their expiry date. whenever a person goes to a shop to purchase a product,he or she checks whether the product is good for use or not,by looking at the expiry date on the product. when it comes to human beings, we tend to allocate some specific times for certain things. when the time set is past,we tend to see it that the period in question has expired. but when it comes to God there is no expiry date. God’s timing is not always in line with the timings of mankind.the problem with many people is that, when their time does not coincide with the timing of God,they tend to think that their time has passed. what you should note is that,there is no expiry date on God’s calendar. God does as he pleases and when he wants it.God sent an angel to visit Elizabeth and Mary at different times. whilst Mary was a virgin,Elizabeth had been married for a long time without a child. you should not look at others and complain.the same God who visited virgin Mary also visited 80 years old Sarah. can you compare and contrast the two? where do you fall in this category when it comes to your timing as compared to God’s? do you know that God’s timing is always the best? that is why as a child of God, you should wait patiently on God’s timing and not on human timing. if God could visit 80 years old Sarah for her to have a child, why should you complain that your time is past? all what you need to do is to keep trusting and praying. note that, in his own time which is the right time for you, he will make all things beautiful.. confession: I will live my life according to God’s calendar and not man’s timing, for God’s calendar has no expiry date.!!!amen

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