As election day draws closer..

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton


I know that the hearts of many have started melting in them.. three days to go!!

I know that all the players are on nails and needles,waiting eagerly for Tuesday 8th November, 2016.(merely three days from today!)

You’d not need to be told the drama,and intrigues that have  so far trailed the campaigns for the elections. Many outrageous speeches,many secret assassinations, bribery and corruption have accompanied the players all the way.

I cannot forget in a hurry I called a friend to have some friendly talk.As he answered my call,he first introduced himself”DEPLORABLE John on the line..” I was surprised a week later to find many people in many social media hurriedly taking on the title of “DEPLORABLE”   I don’t need to go into details how the meaning of the word suddenly became something good that people hurriedly took on.Desperate situations I guess, call for desperate measures..

Do not be so fast to assume that I have taken sides,I just shared what I experienced which I know most of you have seen more aggressive form of what it takes to be a “DEPLORABLE”  I’ve seen many attacks and counterattacks, many shocking revelelations,witch-hunting and blackmail these past few weeks to know that the destiny of America is at stake.

Vote with your heart,from the passion of all that our past heroes have labored for
Vote with your heart,from the passion of all that our past heroes have labored for

I don’t want to start appraising the profiles of the players, but to once again remind us of the plight of our nation.

Would you ever forget in a hurry the sweat and blood of our heroes past? Would you sell off your conscience to the manipulations of the enemies of the state? Would you vote for what you believe in?


Many people have become slaves of circumstances in the very country they call their own.I won’t be surprised if we wake up one day to find that the white house has been taken over by some foreign extremists, God forbid! Our leaders have become prisoners and slaves of conscience. The future is blurry, only a wise vote and PRAYERS can bring respite. I would be surprised if you tell me that you don’t expect some players to want that oval office by hook and by crook.God help America!

As we get ready to vote,let’s also begin to take spiritual control of that day, that every plan to overthrow due process must fail,that the Peace of God reign, that the one that God has chosen would emerge victorious. “ the ruling of the righteous, the people rejoice..”

Vote wisely, that posterity may be proud of you! This is your obligation,do not back down! In God we will always trust!!!

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