Friendship: signs the ship is sinking..

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As a kid we always had our groups,our cliques;we played ate,fought and worked together. some of us would happily hide away their lunch packs for  the friends. we took turns to each of our homes.until high school when we got split up  and turned to the paths of our destinies.few of us got back ,some contacts got lost even as i write.I am that kind of person that once i meet you,i open my heart to you,i let you in.i try to think of you as i would my blood sibling.i may care so much i can get disturbingly OVER-CARING .i  feel “the pain of missing” my friends.but i find that most times when i’m all in for it,the other party begins to fall fully back on me.

i’ve had to meet friends across the globe,many are closer to me than my blood brothers.some of them i got so attached to ,such that my mind lost cognizance of the distance between us.

What people don’t understand is that, one person can never drive a relationship (or friendship) .It takes two to tango.If you sit back and wait on your friend to keep waiting on you hand and foot,it’ll not work.If you show you truly care and your friends do the same, ages cannot even separate you! Lie back and expect to be called three times a day, don’t do anything, gradually your friend will drop from 3 times daily to 3 times monthly, and nil eventually.there is always a spark the keeps the fire burning.if yoy lose your own spark, your friend’s will sooner or later burn out.
Nobody has all that time for you, but if you find someone who show they care,don’t take them for granted. and then true friends are not scarce,only that you have not set your mind to be one!

“If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.”
– Zig Ziglar

Nothing is as bad as an abused friendship!
If you think of and care for your friends as much as they do for you, you’ll care,you’ll call,gifts and material things don’t’s the heart that matters.
Your biggest mistake therefore would be when you begin to see caring friends as ALTERNATIVES who you go to only when the going is tough and you need support.
when the boat gets to that time where many paths cut,things begin to change and the following become evident;

i’m busy..

“`Both friends will think that they are too busy

They will not contact each other thinking it may be disturbing

contact  me first..

As time passes, both will think… “let the other contact me”

After a while, each will think… “why should I contact first?”

Here, your love will gradually be converted to pride

Finally, without contact, the memory becomes weak

let me call MY FRIENDS (???).

Not only are you not going out with your friend, you’ve noticed that your circle of current close friends and his/her circle of current close friends aren’t from the same pool. If your friends and her friends don’t know each other or hang out, this could be because your life no longer intersects with hers like it used to.

They forget each other.. and go on with their lives,until CERTAIN THINGS HAPPEN and they look back..IF ONLY HE/SHE WAS HERE.. with time each try to find reasons why bthe other is to blame for their breakup.

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
– Marcel Proust

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