Fast and Furious 8 : a light review

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The Fast and Furious franchise has held action movie lovers spellbound for 10 years and it doesn’t seem they are  about to stop.However,since the 5th instalment was released in 2011,it appears the franchise has deviated from its origins in street racing towards the heist genre.This appears to have worked and helped the 6th and 7th instalment break the box office records,even as the 8th aims to continue the trend.And its’ worked.

The Villain Appears Weak
The movie fails to give the villain cipher,any hands -on action which affects the whole set up of the movie.

The Movie is too Serious
The movie follows a serious plot[which has been done before]but fails to have fun along the way making it bland,lacking colour and energy.The humour and wise-cracks the movie has been known for is absent for most of the film,making it more serious than viewers wish for.

The cast seems smaller
While this may sound funny,given the numbers of characters that appear the absence of Gisele[Gal Gadot]and Han [Sung Kang] left at the end of Fast and Furious 6 to maintain continuity,and Brian[Paul Walker]and Mia [Jordana Brewster] left after Furious 7,due to the death of Walker in a car accident.
These actors brought depth and dynamism to the group which is noticeably absent.
The Fate of the Furious further divides his small cast by pitting everyone else against Dom which is made even more terrible when he seeks help from outside,instead of asking his loyal gang that he calls family for help.
Fast and Furious was fun because it was about the while team and the fact that the 8th installment took that away creates heavy drama which inhibits the free-flow of the movie.

The Fast cars have lost their thrills

The movie opens with a race between Dom,and his cousin’s Cuban enemy,with both racers using two very opposite cars,one that has seen better days and the other,a modern one.
The scene finishes with Dom reversing over the finish line to earn a narrow victory which is something the franchise always aspires for.
However,the crazy action sequences the franchise is known for doesn’t come till almost midway in the movie that runs for 2 hours and 16 minutes,that’s a pretty longtime to wait for.A scene worthy of mention is when Cipher [Charlize Theron] the film’s hacker villain-hijacks the city’s car through zero-day exploits on the software end,turning them into self-driving bots for her own use,followed up with a scene where lots of cars exit a high-storey garage and fall onto the cars below making for great carriage.
The self-driving cars didn’t catch much attention as much as Dom and Hobbs [Dwayne Johnson]driving those fast cars which was what happened when the gang literally latches onto Dom’s car to stop him.The most unbelievable scene should be when Hobbs tells Roman [Tyrses Gibson] to take the wheel as he gets out of his car,and pushes away a torpedo?utterly ridiculous,but that’s the kind of action the audience craves for which is few and for between in Fast and Furious 8.

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