Come down with the Knight

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This is another blockbuster fiction story written by me to tell the story of a warrior who is sent to rescue people from tyrants who have taken the kingdom captive and assume control of the kingship position deposing good rulers who have the interest of the people at heart and ready to put their lives at stake for the good of others.The tyrants come from Akadia,a city full of assassins who are paid to kill they are ruthless,they have no mercy at all,they are fierce and very aggressive,muscular and strong.
When this happens,people live in fear for what would be fall the kingdom if the tyrants take over the kingdom,the tyrants attack and seize the kingdom by force leaving the people to suffer in poverty and fear,the deposed king is sent on an exile unceremoniously,he and his family they are stripped of the throne and the good people they serve with all of their hearts,mind,body and soul as well.
Everyone is searching for a hero who will in no distant time rescue them from these tyrants who have taken over the kingdom,a hero ready to lay down his or her life for the people,who is not after fame or wealth,one who is upright and have integrity to serve the kingdom .
King Henry Scott of Iberia was celebrating a feast along with his wife Queen Jessica Scott and son Prince Isaac Scott with the people to thank the gods of the kingdom for sparing their lives to see this lovely day in good health of mind and body,it was a joyful celebration with people dancing,visitors from other kingdoms were there in attendance to celebrate with them in the kingdom as well.There was a lot of food and wine to make merry and to be happy.
While that was going on,tyrants from Arcadia came to attack the people when the celebration was going on,they were on a mission to kill,there was chaos and panic from the people,everyone was thrown into confusion including the King and Queen as well as their son.They attacked some soldiers and killed them when they were no match for them at all they came in through the walls with the aid of ropes to serve as support as not to fall down in the process.
It was unexpected they held the King,his wife and son captive as well some of the people,the guests that were there were in shock at the tyrants,they told the King to vacate the palace for them as well as the Queen and Prince they were stripped of their robes and told to go on exile at once failure to do that,they will die a miserable death,which they did without hesitation at all.The people cried that fateful day,the soldiers died,they had no one to defend them,they were helpless.
The names of the tyrants are John Lee,Audrey Noble and Matthew Nice,they are muscular,fierce-looking and very aggressive,heartless,no mercy at all.
The King left the kingdom unceremoniously with his wife and son as commoners they were while the tyrants told the people to obey them or be killed they had no choice but to obey for fear of being killed.Everyone was forced to obey them and serve them food while they serve themselves.The tyrants came with a host of others,while their leader is John Lee,a ruthless man,intimidating and fierce as well.
The name of the heroine is Angela Newton an orphan,whose parents were killed by the tyrants when she was a little girl,when they attacked her parents and some other people in Isis.
She vowed to avenge the death of her parents,while the King and Queen and the Prince were on a journey to look for where to stay,Angela Newton was riding on horse when she spotted them from a far distance,she saw them and stopped to know what happened,the King,his wife and son saw her coming their direction,Angela Newton greeted them,they acknowledged the greeting,she asked them what happened to their kingdom they told her that their kingdom was attacked by tyrants during a celebration when they invaded the kingdom,she took them to her house in Isis which is a few miles from Iberia,they were very grateful for her hospitality as soon as they reached Isis she told some people to give them food and clothes to put on and to accommodate them for the time being.
She took their bags and sheltered them in her house which had enough rooms and bathrooms,she brought water for them to bath which they did and were grateful for her assistance.After which they were given clothes to wear as well as some food,Angela Newton and her warriors were very accommodating.Their son Prince Isaac Scott was curious about Angela Newton,she was relaxing when he came to approach her,he asked about how  her parents died,she told him that the tyrants killed her parents and that she is an orphan he felt pity for her and consoled her,she was grateful,he came to thank her for her assistance she was very happy.He liked her,she was very beautiful and strong,she smiled at him and told him to keep her company,she liked him,he is also good-looking too.His parents watched their son with keen interest as well as Angela Newton.
Angela Newton told his parents not to worry as her warriors will deal with the tyrants and when that is done,they will come back to their kingdom once more.They were pleased to hear that.
Angela Newton and Prince Isaac Scott grew fond of each other day by day,they fell in love with each other,his parents were happy at the development.
Prince Isaac Scott requested that he joins Angela Newton to the battle field,his parents agreed as well as Angela Newton,she taught him how to use the sword which he learned day by day until he became good at it.
Back at Iberia the tyrants were having a nice time eating and drinking all day as well as dancing,while the people suffer.Meanwhile,Angela Scott,Prince Isaac Scott and the others getting ready for battle with their bows and arrows as well as their swords,with their horses.
They rode to Iberia with their horses on getting there,they spotted John Lee and his men got ready for them,archers were on standby to shoot arrows at them.
The archers shot their arrows at Prince Isaac Scott,Angela Newton and her warriors they blocked it with their shields,there was fighting ,Angela Newton,Prince Isaac Scott and the warriors all of them,the people jubilated once more,.
The next day,the King and Queen returned to Iberia,people were happy to see them once more,as well as the Prince,Angela Newton and her warriors as well.Angela Newton and Prince Isaac Scott got married.
The End.

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