air pollution.

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air pollution is the release of harmful substances to the environment through the use of aerosols,sprays,repellants and toxic chemicals from the environment into the atmosphere.they are toxic to the humans that inhale them resulting in respiratory health results in asthma,bronchitis, is caused by the inhalation of exhaust from motor cars. which uses carbon monoxide and heavy duty trucks,trailers and caterpillars.

they also affects the crops harvested for human consumption which causes health problems.animals are not left they are also affected by these toxic substances released in the atmosphere resulting the death of animals.

humans die from the inhalation of toxic substances resulting in millions of deaths worldwide which is very alarming.they weaken the body system making them vulnerable to these toxic substances released in to the atmosphere.

they result in asthma when the pollen grains are released int o the atmosphere causing difficulty in breathing.which makes them allergic to toxic substances.which makes humans to use inhalers to help them to breathe and to maintain their health.

they are deadly and are poisonous to humans,animals and plants.the chest of human beings are unable to expand for oxygen to be inhaled in and out.instead they become tight.factories emit a lot of these gases from plants which are emitted outside causing asthma.a lot of carbon monoxide are emitted which causes harm to the environment causing global warming,change in sea temperature to rise periodically.they also cause depletion of ozone layer into the atmosphere.

they tides and waves to rise in seas and oceans. which brings about climate change.

the solutions to these problems include the following:

1.legislation on emit of gases in factories.

2.wearing of oxygen mask to prevent inhalation of toxic substances.

3.factory workers should use anti pollution devices.

4.reduction in the emission of toxic substances in the environment.

5.treatment of people in hospitals for respiratory health problems.

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