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My friend Eric told me a simple but mind-raking testimony yesterday as we sat to chill out after the day’s work ,how he got his present job.He graduated in 2014,searched for work for almost two years,all to no avail.He took to teaching in a nearby college while still searching and hoping for greener pastures
He said He was at the bank one day to rectify some issues he was having with his account. It happened that the cue was much.He stayed patiently in line,despite he had about 50 people in front of him.Sadly the line moved at a crawling pace.The AC had no effect on the boiling heat,not of the weather, but the heat emitted by the crowd.After about two hours of waiting, he finally had just five people before it’d be his turn.Time to go home is close.
Just then a young lady’s voice rang out behind him.”Sorry ma’am but I can’t let you take my place, after all the waiting and heat.. No! ” the girl even told other people in front that if they should allow the new comer,the person involved would have to go to the back.”Let’s be real for once.Everyone here has something important they sacrificed to be here.. “She had said.The lady pleaded,that she had an emergency. But the girl wouldn’t shake.
Eric looked at the lady in question,Richly dressed and looking OKAY,with her car keys dangling in her hands.Something in him wanted to act like the others.But a second look at her made him do otherwise.She looked so desperate to get whatever she had come for done with.Nobody seemed to mind her.The twitch in her left eye,and her tightened jaws showed something was going wrong.
Eric stepped out, and called to the woman to take his place. Heads turned, and all eyes turned on him.The lady couldn’t believe what she heard.She asked if he meant it.He said he did.” If they won’t let me go behind you,I’ll go to the back.” The lady stepped in in front of him.Those close in front and behind were too surprised to say anything.The lady who had complained earlier was very taken aback, but looking at Eric’s stature,and the challenge in his eyes,she let the sleeping lie.
Two weeks later he went for an interview in one of the places he had earlier applied for work,and who did he find waiting to interview him? The lady!
That was how he got the job.

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