31 Kitchen Products From Walmart That You’ll Probably End Up Using Once A Week

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An Instant Pot Air Fryer to help you make all your favorite fried foods in less time, and without the usual splatter and mess. You can also use it to cook and reheat just about everything — once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

The air fryer


This latest generation air fryer has four built-in programs to air fry, roast, bake, and reheat for deep-fried flavor with almost no oil. The air fry basket is big enough to fit a 2-pound bag of fries or a 4-pound chicken.

Promising review: “I love this air fryer. Its so easy to use and it has ample space. For example, you can put a whole Totino’s pizza inside. Perfect for my teens. They can put a whole bag of pizza rolls in and just shake every five minutes. Comes out perfect every time. I have recommended to all of my family and friends. We all have one and we love it.” —Aliska

Price: $59


A 3-cup electric food chopper for those occasions when you have to cut things finely and evenly (who has time for that?!?). This bad boy can really help you save on prep time.

The food chopper


With one touch, the 70-watt motor spins the stay-sharp blade to slice and dice effortlessly. There’s even holes in the work bowl so you can slowly add oil to sauces and dressings, and all of the parts are dishwasher-safe.

Promising review: “This food chopper does a great job! Chops nuts, veggies, fruit perfectly!! Outstanding quality for low price!” —Beverly

Price: $25


A Pioneer Woman foldable tote for potlucks, picnics, and all the other occasions when you want to take your culinary magic to a second location. Good food deserves to be shared!

The Pioneer Woman Blooming Bouquet Foldable Tote, on a table, shown unzipped and with a casserole inside.


The tote is insulated to keep your food warm as you transport it, and includes straps and a zipper to help you carry your precious bundle safely upright. The polyester fabric comes in four vibrant patterns and reviewers rave about how easy it is to wash, and the tote folds up for compact storage.

Promising review: “It’s adorable! The Pioneer Woman foldable tote is perfect for lugging a hot or cold casserole dish for picnics, potlucks, and family visits. The interior is easy to clean with a cloth. It keeps dishes hot or cold when needed. It fits my large flat rectangle cupcake Tupperware and holds a standard sized glass casserole dish with ease. I love how it folds up for storage, to be snapped in place with an adorable little butterfly snap! I look forward to years of occasional use!” —VeganLady

Price: $10.98 (available in four colors)


A Better Homes & Gardens large handled bowl ideal for when you need to serve a large quantity of salad, or want to make sure you have enough popcorn on hand to get you all the way through your millionth re-watching of Titanic.

The white porcelain large bowl on a wood tray


The handles make it easy to carry without danger of spills, and the porcelain is safe for the microwave, oven, and dishwasher.

Promising review: “The Better Homes and Gardens large handle serving bowl has a classic design that will fit any decor. I love white ceramic! This bowl holds a good amount of food. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, but it does get hot in the microwave. I also like the the serving bowl has handles. Overall it’s a great product.” —Goexplore

Price: $9.87


A microwave food cooker because once you make pasta without turning on the stove, you’ll never go back to the old way again. This microwave cooker is also great for vegetables, and features holes in the lid for easy draining.

A microwave food cooker filled with pasta


Wednesdays were always pasta night growing up, and I like to keep the tradition alive while putting in as little effort as possible.

Promising review: “This pasta cooker changed my life! It is so light and easy to use and easy to clean, I make pasta a lot more because of having it. I have bought over 25, to give to everyone who does not have one, because I think they are so great. Everyone loves them!”—Robin

Price: $14.99


A KitchenAid box grater so your pasta night is complete with freshly shredded Parmesan cheese. Since it comes with four different types of surfaces, you can also grate everything from nutmeg to potatoes.

The silver-colored KitchenAid box greater, pictured on a cutting board with cheeses


It’s also great for Taco Tuesday.

Promising review: “It’s really sharp, enabling the job to get done fast. I made carrot cake and it was so easy to grate the carrots. Glad I tossed my ancient shredder and bought this new one.”—Lakelivin

Price: $11.97


An Instant Pot that’ll easily make everything from soup, rice, and slow-cooked meats, to sautéed vegetables and even yogurt. Instant Pots cook food up to 70% faster than your stove, so consider your weekly chili handled.

The Instant Pot cooking mac n cheese


A 24-hour timer lets you delay cooking up to a day, and the automatic keep warm feature keeps your food at just the right temperature until you’re ready to serve it. The inner pot is dishwasher-safe, has no chemical coating, and comes with a -three-ply bottom for even heating.

Promising review: “This is one of the best things I have bought in a long time! It really eases the chore of cooking! The foods we can make are unstoppable! I am in love with it!” —Emberfire

Price: $79


An electric milk frother so you can have a delicious coffeehouse-style latte without ever leaving the house (or changing out of your pajamas).

The black Milk Frother


It excels at making the thick foam you need for a cappuccino, as well as lighter foams for lattes, and refreshing cool foams for iced coffee. There’s even a warm setting so you can heat up milk without foam, perfect for bulletproof coffee, hot chocolate, matcha tea. It’s quick and quiet, and the removable lid and whisk are dishwasher safe.

Promising review: “This frother is amazing! I don’t know why I lived my life without it before. Makes good quality foam and has the option of hot or cold. Very satisfied!” —Allison

Price: $12.98


An easy-to-use kitchen scale, because it shouldn’t be a ~heavy~ task to be exact about your quantities. If you need to measure serving sizes exactly or have to make sure you have just the right about of an ingredient in your recipe, this one’s for you.

Green kitchen scale with silver covered weighing platform and parsley


This scale comes in seven fun colors, features one of the largest weighing platforms in its class, and easily lets you switch between five different units (grams, decimal pounds, pounds and ounces, ounces, and milliliters).

Promising review: “The is the first digital scale I have ever owned and the precision is fantastic. I place a small saucer or bowl on top, hit the tare button to make that the new zero weight and add the ingredients right on the scale. Using the bowl or saucer also minimizes cleanup. Wish I had bought one sooner. My granddaughter has my old conventional kitchen scale in her play-kitchen now.” —GBGPA

Price: $9.99


A Tasty nonstick wok, so you don’t have to end your Friday by scraping burnt bean sprouts off the pan.

Tasty Wok with stir fry


The nonstick coating is PFOA-free and the flat steel base distributes heat evenly on all cooking surfaces, even induction cooktops. Best yet, this wok comes with a matching silicone helper handle, because you worked hard on that stir-fry, and it doesn’t deserve to end up on the floor.

This is part of BuzzFeed’s Tasty collection, exclusively at Walmart.

Promising review: “I love this wok. It has nice colorful handles. It stir fries veggies really well. I stir fried some vegetables fried rice, and it came out great. I love the 14-inch size because I can cook more for my family. Cleaning is a breeze. I am so glad that I purchased it.” —Becky

Price: $19.88


A stainless-steel cocktail shaker that’s perfect for when you want to have a martini and don’t feel like going out and getting ignored by the bartender, or having someone else’s drink spilled all over you.

Oneida 16 Ounce Cocktail Shaker


Promising review: “This stainless-steel cocktail shaker will add class to your bar and will mix your drink with perfection.” —BBQLee

Price: $14.97


A Tasty three-piece peeler set so you can elegantly garnish your weekly cocktail.

A set of peelers, shown with a kiwi and carrots


Reviewers love the bright colors and design features. This set comes with a straight peeler for tough veggies, a serrated peeler for soft produce, and a julienne peeler for julienning to your heart’s content.

This is part of BuzzFeed’s Tasty collection, exclusively at Walmart.

Promising review: “I love this colorful trio of peelers. Let me begin by saying I’ve used knives from the Tasty brand, and I haven’t been disappointed; the quality is top notch. I love the bright colors of the peelers as they are a nice deviation from typical black kitchen utensils. I love the soft grip of the handles, and I like that there are three different peelers available depending on my needs. These are dishwasher-safe and well-made. They’re not heavy in your hand, and they’re super easy to use and maneuver. I look forward to cooking with these for a long time to come!” —Monica

Price: $7.97


A floral apron because don’t always need an apron when you’re cooking, but when you do this beauty will keep you looking put-together even while you make a mess.

The apron hanging on a patterned wall, with spoons in one of the pockets


It features two strings to tie across the back and D-rings for an adjustable neck. Two pockets give you a convenient place to keep your kitchen tools. Made of 100% cotton, the apron comes in two patterns and is machine washable.

Promising review: “I bought this for my mom for her birthday and she loves it! Wears it whenever she bakes and cooks! And makes an effort to send me a picture every time. Her favorite part is the pockets. Great quality apron and great for gifts too!” —Kim

Price: $10.54


A smokeless electric grill with an interchangeable griddle surface, that’ll help you cook everything from hotdogs and hamburgers to eggs and pancakes without having to worry about setting off the smoke detector.

The grill shown with both the gilling grate and the griddle


The heated grilling grate sends oils and fat into a drip pan that cools them off, so smoke can’t form.

Promising review: “This grill is so versatile! love I being able to grill eggs and pancakes and simple clean up of the flat grill! A must-have for most kitchens!” —Glen

Price: $59.99


And a heat-resistant nylon slotted turner to use with that grill for your weekly burger nights and pancake mornings.

The black turner, shown with food


It’s safe for all cookware and has an ergonomic design for sturdy gripping.

Promising review: “This is exactly what I was looking for: a turner of a soft enough material that would not scratch my pans yet firm enough that would keep its shape flipping a heavy steak and with a thick, sturdy handle that allows you to control it well.” —Hector

Price: $6.97


An instant read thermometer so you can be sure your Sunday chicken is cooked to perfection. Is it OK because the juices run clear? Am I supposed to cut into it? You’ll never have to worry about that again.

Thermometer reading the temperature of a cooked chicken


The probe folds back for easy storage (and so you don’t poke yourself rummaging around in the drawer), and the magnetic back and hook allows for convenient storage.

Promising review: “This digital thermometer is easy to use and very accurate. It’s easy to figure out how to use as well. Just push the top button to extend the probe out and use the on off button to power it up. It’s very lightweight and folds up nicely and fits in my drawer very well. I didn’t have any trouble figuring out how to use it the very first time. It worked great for me when I was making yogurt. You can also switch it from Celsius to Fahrenheit very easily.” —Glen

Price: $13.99


A Tasty Dutch oven perfect for stews, braising, pasta, and easy weekly one pot meal prep. It heats evenly, fits a whole lot, and has a nonstick coating reviewers rave about.

The silver colored Dutch oven, shown filled with beans


This is part of BuzzFeed’s Tasty collection, exclusively at Walmart.

Promising review: “I love this 5-quart Dutch oven. Not only does it look great, but it has become my go-to cookware for smaller meals or to prepare components of larger meals or recipes. It has all the features I look for: easy grip handles, tempered glass lid, nonstick coating, and it’s dishwasher-safe. It can be used on a variety of cooking surfaces. I’ve used it on my glass top stove and in the oven, but best of all, it is compatible with my standalone induction surface cooker. So convenient!” —Mom2wildthings

Price: $27.88

Check out Tasty’s one pot Dutch oven recipes for some great ideas about how to use this pot.


A Scrub Daddy, which is basically the greatest sponge ever. Luckily for those of us who only do our dishes once a week (like I do), they make scrubbing off caked-on messes super easy and they never scratch, ever.

Scrub Daddy with dirty dish


My darling mother introduced me to these last year, and I’m never using a scouring pad again.

Promising review: “I love these scrubbers. I’ve used them for years and they’re the only thing I use now. Have some in the kitchen, some for the bathrooms, some for outdoor use, they’re great.” —Rebecca

Price: $13.99 for a pack of four


And! A tube of Bar Keepers Friend that is safe for most surfaces, cuts through thick and baked on grease, and is great for every part of your weekly deep clean from pots and pans to stovetops, grill grates, and countertops.

Before-and-after of a rusty pan completely cleaned by the powder


I don’t have a dishwasher, and I use mine with the Scrub Daddy to scour baked-on messes off my nonstick cookware. It works really well!

Promising review: “This has got to be the most amazing thing ever. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING would take the hard water buildup off my shower doors until this came along! It looks like there’s not even glass there now! Now I’m looking for anything else that needs a good revival! Amazing! The even better part is that you don’t have to scrub too hard, don’t have to let it sit forever, and it doesn’t smell like all the other cleaners out there.” —KatG

Price: $1.98


A Cuisinart hand mixer, because whisking is hard work, and you need to save your hand strength for scrolling through your Instagram feed. Now, you can whiz through beating batters, whipping egg whites, and even mixing bread dough.

The hand mixer, in white


This hand mixer can’t be ~beat~! It comes in two colors, all the removable parts are dishwasher safe, and fit into a nifty clear case that snaps onto the bottom.

Promising review: “I love my new Power Advantage® Plus 9 Speed Hand Mixer! It is versatile enough to go from whipping egg whites to mixing up a thick cookie dough. It’s such a joy not to have to drag out my heavy stand mixer every time I want to bake up some goodies. I also love the convenience of being able to store all of the attachments in the handy storage case — no more searching for parts!” —Nurse Marge

Price: $119.95 (available in two colors)


A kitchen timer with flashing lights, sound alerts, and vibration, to help you keep track of what you’re cooking while you’re watching the newest episode of The Mandalorian. (Baby Yoda is so cute, and so distracting!)

The timer


Price: $10.50


A Tasty bamboo chopping and serving board — one side has a chopping block with a large juicewell around the edge to prevent drips, and the serving side is elegantly smooth. Perfect for making and presenting all your culinary masterpieces!

Chopping board with watermelons


This is part of BuzzFeed’s Tasty collection, exclusively at Walmart.

It’s eco-friendly bamboo surface is easy to clean and comfy recessed handles make it easy to maneuver around the kitchen and while serving.

Promising review: “The biggest thing that got my attention about this board is the groove around the edge of it. This has prevented so many spills of fruit and veggie juices! It can hold quite a bit of juice too, and it’s very easy to just dump it and rinse it in the sink. Once you are done slicing up your fruits or veggies, you can flip the board over and use it as a serving board!” —AmberMill86

Price: $19.97


A cushioned kitchen mat that supports your feet and back while standing for long periods of time, like when you’re making holiday cookies with grandma and for other special occasions.

Black kitchen mat on a wooden floor, in front of white cabinets


Or for the one time a week you do your dishes, because when you put it off that long it takes ~forever~. This mat comes in two colors and two sizes, for whatever you may use it for.

Promising review: “I love this kitchen mat and how comfortable it is while standing to cook or wash dishes. The color is also a plus. The length is also a plus. And, it stays in place on my tile floor, which I really like.” —Jordan05

Price: $8.77+ (available in two sizes and colors)


A flexible silicone backing spatula ideal for those weekend mornings when you feel like scraping the brownie batter directly into your mouth (no judgment).

The purple spatula


With a flexible silicone coating, mixing is a breeze. I’m obsessed with purple color, and the handle is easy to use, and the angled construction allows for excellent precision.

Promising review: “Love this handy spatula! It is very sturdy and well-made. The silicone is thick and mostly rigid, with just a little flexibility at the edge, which makes it ideal for stirring batters and weighty doughs. It is also good for scraping out bowls, but obviously being thick rather than flexible, it doesn’t bend into tight corners. Able to handle heat up to 450 degrees, it has replaced my wooden spoon and other cooking utensils. It works great on pans with nonstick coating and for stirring contents of saucepans. Really great deal for such a well-made product.” —Shelby

Price: $3.97


A Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron grill pan reviewers swear by above all over pans. Now you can show off your searing skills on steak night.

The grill pan with chicken and steak


It leaves lovely char marks, just like your backyard BBQ, but it’s also great for all kinds of cooking.

Promising review: “Of all the cast-iron pans I have owned, this is my favorite. It is super easy to keep clean and seasoned and makes food taste great. I stopped using all of my traditional ceramic pans for cooking meats and stick with this one.” —JennyJen26

Price: $19.81


A SodaStream so you don’t have to lug a bunch of San Pelligrino bottles up to your apartment every week (so heavy!).

The SodaStream


Making your own sparkling water and flavored beverages is super easy, and this model doesn’t require electricity, so you can use it anywhere.

Promising review: “The SodaStream is very easy to use, and gives you wonderful tasting water. It will save you a lot of money, in that it can replace buying soda pop. Also, it will lead to less waste in the garbage, by using this for a fresh, great tasting beverage instead of soda pop. This is a definite winner!” —Cheygail

Price: $49.99


A KitchenAid tilt-head stand mixer that’ll come in handy when you decide to become a baking weekend warrior. This mixer has ten speeds to mix, knead, and whip to your heart’s delight, and with ten optional hub attachments form food grinders to pasta makers, the possibilities are endless.

The black KitchenAid mixer, pictured in a kitchen with cupcakes


Promising review: “I grew up baking with my mother and really missed that hobby. However, once going to college and leaving behind the high powered mixer I decided, after trying make cookies sans mixer, my baking days were behind me. Fast forward many years later and I decided to gift myself with a mixer for Xmas commemorating turning the big 3-0. Best thing ever! It was so easy to use and my cookie batter was deliciously and perfectly mixed. Highly recommend this staple for all households!”—Fashserendipity

Price: $189


A foldable bamboo bread slicer with knife you’ll be glad to have on hand when you feel up to the challenge of baking a loaf from scratch.

The bread slicer being used to slice bread


Promising review: “I love making homemade bread, but I cannot cut straight to save my life, so this bread slicer really worked well for me. I love the look of bamboo and it seems to be very well made. I really like that there’s a removable crumb tray which makes it easy to clean up. The guide allows you to chose the thickness of your slices, and the bread knife cuts the slices perfectly. When you are done, the entire thing folds up making it compact and easy to store. I’m very pleased with this bread slicer cutting board. If you know someone that loves baking bread it would make a great gift!” —TreeT

Price: $29.99


A pair of microserrated kitchen shears that’ll be there for you when you’ve been watching a lot of The Great British Baking Show and get inspired to garnish something.

The shears, on a cutting board, shown with herbs


Promising review: “I received these shears as a gift and found them to be very useful. They are sharp and easy to use in making small cuts in intricate patterns as well as cutting though tougher material or making long cuts. The soft handles make it easy to hold your grip and make smooth cuts. I really like that they are stainless steel and will maintain their sharp edge longer than other shears I have owned in the past. The plastic holder makes it easy to carry the shears in a pocket or bag without damaging them or accidently cutting anything.” —Betsy

Price: $7.97


A NutriBullet Pro 900 watt blender perfect for when smoothie time comes around. It crushes ice with ease and lets you turn just about anything into a sippable superfood in under a minute.

Person using the mini blender to make a smoothie


Promising review: “Love NutriBullet products! Purchased this as a replacement to my original NutriBullet which I had for five years. Super easy to use and quickly blends everything to a smooth consistency. I primarily use to make my healthy shakes in the morning, tossing in whatever fruits and veggies I have available. Blends everything beautifully including tougher items like chia seeds, oats and kale. Would highly recommend!” —Lisa O

Price: $79.99


A package of garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizers that’ll feel like the best kitchen hack ever when it’s your turn to clean. Reviewers swear by it for totally defunking their sink.

A package of Plink


Promising review: “My landlord told me about this product a couple of years back when my sink disposal got jammed. Now I plop one in there once a week and we are a happy, smell-free kitchen.” —Bussania

Price: $3.96

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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