19 Things People Find Weird About Toddlers Because They Are Weird

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Ah, toddlers. They are an…experience.

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Living with a toddler definitely leaves a lot more questions than answers. Here are some of those questions from parents who have been through it:



Why do toddlers insist on being independent only when you’re running late?!


Why do toddlers hate eating so much? Do they not get hungry hey? Getting my son to eat has become such an extreme sport. But when it comes to my food he is always present 😂.


Why do toddlers shout instead of talk like a normal person?


Why do toddlers need ALL of their toys out at one time?


seriously though why do toddlers hate sleep so much? do they not understand how precious it is?!


Why do toddlers wake up super early like they have to catch 3 taxis to be at work by 7am?


why do toddlers think it’s fine to put their foot in your ass


Why do toddlers insist on being naked. What is that compulsion.


why do toddlers have superhuman strength? trying to change a diaper is like trying to baptize a rabid raccoon


Why do toddlers have ears? They never use them.


Why do toddlers decide they don’t want to eat something halfway through chewing it, and spit it out in your hand 🙃


Why do toddlers wanna put everything in their mouths ☹️ no sir, that’s a bug



[Food, toddlers]

Why do toddlers just eat butter straight

Like just pure butter


Why do toddlers and infants like touching our faces?

You’d be lying in bed watching tik tok videos, all of a sudden their tiny hands are all over cupping & brushing your face🥰🥰🥰


Why do toddlers insist on playing with remote controllers? Doesn’t matter how many toys I get my daughter insists on ruining the tv remote.


why do toddlers have a 50% chance of puttin they shoes on the right foot and ALWAYS put it on the wrong one😭


Why do toddlers never want to share unless it’s their germs?

Basically, this is us to toddlers all day, every day:

Will Ferrel in Anchorman saying "That doesn't make sense"


Do you have a question you want toddlers to answer? Let us know in the comments!


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