Zombie the flesh eater

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The Zombies as we know them are dead corpses brought back to life by witchcraft through incantations by the use of black magic by powerful sorcerers or sorceresses or a witch who possess black magic.Zombies are scary creatures that are like walking corpses all over the place in towns,cities and streets wherever they crawl to.They are the most dreadful creatures on the face of the earth.they smell foul odour wherever they go.their smell can drive anyone living in the town.They are repulsive and hostile creatures that can bite the neck of people because it is where they carry the disease it spreads like cancer within seconds for it to be very effective as well.
People are naturally scared of them because they are violent creatures they wreck havoc a lot wherever they go,they have a stench like they have not taken their bath for days,months and even years.this is a work of fiction inspired to interest viewers and audience alike about zombies,where they come from,what harm they cause to people they come across.People who are beaten by zombies become carriers of the disease by contact with them accidentally touching them or coming close to them.
There are myths about zombies possessing dead bodies of corpses in the tomb who are supposed to be dead years ago or centuries ago.this is another blockbuster action,thriller,full of suspense and emotions that people would love it and be thrilled with it.This comes to mind about the stories about the corpses that terrify people at night while they are asleep they make scary sounds and they creep around at night when they are coming with full force they are usually in large numbers.

The story is about zombies that are flesh eaters who have been terrorising people at night in the cities where they reside causing horror,chaos and panic as well as fear in the hearts of people.They invade the city,every nook and cranny involved.A group of hunters are trying to find out the cause of the zombies how they were resusitated back to life which they have being trying to solve all day until studies were carried out when they went for search in burial sites,mausoleum and tombs where these dead bodies are laid and expected to face judgement from God to receive their souls into heaven,on getting there,they were amazed at that they saw at the tomb stones and mausoleums,dead bodies walking around where they went,they had hacksaws and machetes with them to defend themselves.They had guns with them which was not effective to kill them,because the more they shoot them,the more the bullets dissolve and become less effective.
The best way to kill them is using hacksaw and machete very good.The best part to struck at them is the head because if you uproot the head the whole body is dead.Back at the action,the hunters struck at the zombies with machetes and hacksaws on the head.they died and were buried with the head only.while the rest of the body burnt to ashes.The city was rid of the zombies and everyone was happy for it.

John scott-as zombie hunter
Elizabeth Martha-as Katherine Nolan
David Banter-as Dr Frederick Luthor
Mary Zola-as Peggie May
and a host of others
Director-Matthew Zimmer
Producer-Martha Hunt
Executive Producer-Martha Hunt
Screenwriter-Robert Play
Script Editor-Heather Flower
Director of Photography-Rachael Horne
Story-Marlie Blue
Duration-2hrs 45mins

A group of scientists working at Florida Hospital were working that day attending to patients who needed medical care and attention were filled that day.the hospital has four Doctors,5 Nurses and an Administrator who is in charge of the affairs of the hospital.Dr Frederick Luthor,a neurosurgeon,who is committed to his duty of attending to patients at the hospital.He is kind,focused and hardworking,he is lively,he is fond of cracking jokes with his colleagues to get started,he is in his early 30s,like 33 years old,tall,strong,muscular and energetic,his colleagues like him because he is hardworking and committed to duty.
He attends to patients regularly and wholeheartedly,he attends to their problems and prescribes drugs for them to buy,he is kind and humble,patients like him for that.The administrator of the hospital is Dr Patricia Noble,a middle-aged woman about 44 years old,friendly,fair-skinned and shrewd as well.She overseas the affairs of the hospital its needs and attends to them as well.She is attentive to the welfare of the staff of the hospital.
The hospital has sections namely,output patient department,diagnostic room,theatre and a cafeteria well as intensive care unit.people come there for treatment on a daily basis.After the day’s work,staff workers have lunch to satisfy their huger after a tedious work at the hospital for hours,Dr Frederick Luthor,also was at the cafeteria too to eat too as well.He greeted the staff workers and his colleagues at the cafeteria full of joy and excitement.
Dr Patricia Noble,overseas to the welfare of staff being paid monthly for their services to the hospital,meanwhile,a group of hunters wer searching for zombies that have being roaming the forest all day long causing havoc,creating fear in the people in the area where they reside,they came with weapons such as machete and hacksaw with them for self-defence.
John Scott,Elizabeth Martha and Peggie May were the zombie hunters whose mission is to hunt zombies wherever they are and burn them alive and uproot the head to prevent them from coming back to life.
Zombies are dreadful creatures who roam the earth to bite people through the neck they are carriers of the virus,people who are beaten become one of them.They spotted one of the zombies heading towards them and struck them straight through the head,they were much in number all over the place like soldier ants.
they are foul-smelling creatures who stink a lot like they have not taken their bath for days.they are found in citie,churches

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