Tribute to Erica

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Each morning when i wake up, i hear your sweet voice,
calling your gratitude to nature, for the gist of life.
when melodies ring from the natural wild all i hear is your voice .
Oh Erica! where did you go? where have you left me and and Sam to go?
I will never forget the beauty of your existence,
the smiles that the wonder of what you are has brought on lips,
the many people who had tripped for your beauty and natural purity.
Oh Erica! Sam wakes up every morning, calling for you!
i could feel the sorrow in his sad, melancholic calls. i feel the tears well up in my eyes..
you were the best of your kind that i have ever seen. Sam has not rested, my heart always recalls your sweet early morning songs each day the sun’s rays bring the message of life.
you had all the colors of the Rainbow, your beauty was beyond measure.
Hardly anyone passed by us on our daily walks, that never looked back at your beauty.
Erica, Erica ! my lovebird.. i shall miss you always,
and by the sad look on Sam’s face i could tell his hearts bleeds.
you will always be missed..
fare thee well Erica, may your kind never cease to be!

Tribute to Erica by Ozoemena

in loving memory of Erica, my murdered parrot

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