Top alternatives to Google adsense

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I suppoose you must have in one way or the other heard of Google Adsense? Every webmaster, every website owner who are worth their onions knows that monetization is the next step after the hardwork of building their sites. After buying domain, spending for hosting, and possibly paying designers and developers to set your site up, after working hard to put good content on your site, you’d definitely need a reward, at least to pay of your bills. For this, most people always rushed to google adsense. Apart from their nice conversion rates, google adsense is the most used monetization tool. But you should know that nothing good comes easy. the hustle of getting approved by Google adsense has however put most publishers off. Some people have complained of their accounts being banned and having to lose all their earnings. Are there alternatines to google adsense?
We would like to look at top and most used Adsense alternatives?
1PopAds - The Best Popunder Adnetwork
pOPads is one giant that has succored so many people who have been frustrated by Adsense.THey have amazing conversion rates and pay out quite easy. Minimum payout is 10 dollars and you can be paid over wire, and even Payoneer. They serve Popunder Ads that beat many other pay per click (ppc) networks hands down. i would highly recommend this to any Body who has intentions of making good money in good time from their hardwork. To be approved for PopAds is just as easy as registering a facebook account. PopAds give you ANTI-ADBLOCK to help you maximize your earnings and avoid the misfortune of adblockers installed on most modern browsers.try it today!
Commission Junction
Conversant media, otherwise known as commission junction is an affiliate marketing program that can greatly beat Adsense. all you need to is just sign up on their website, and you’ll get access to affiliate and linking tools. you will send requests and also receive many from advertisers like Godaddy, interserver, etc depending on the category of ads you choose and your website is worth it, and very easy to get approved once you have a website or a good online audience.that means you don’t actually need to have a website to make money with commission junction and most affiliate networks. you can even make thousands of dollars using your ordinary facebook account. see our tips to monetize your facebook account
propellerAds media is another ads giant with ppc, popunder,tabunder, mobile interstitial Ads. they even have Ant-adblock to ensure you get what is due to you. no more lost impressions, or blocked ADS with them. They have a very supportive team that will help you with everything. and again they approve very fast, no matter the size of your site and traffic.
If you’re a blogger with basically text-rich content, viglinks is a place of succor. you don’t need to do anything, just install their code and they will on their own do the work for you. they’ll go through your content and automatically insert links in your contents . this does not alter anything in your content. and they have a fair deal system.

We hope this is helpful.
good luck.

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