The Green Falcon

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The falcons as we know them,are a group of birds of the same family as hawks,vultures and eagles.e.t.c
Falcons in the right sense of it are king among the birds that fly,they kill other birds that are weak for survival and defence.Falcons can be heroes in their own making.
The fiction story i am writing on the green falcon is about a man who was transformed into a green falcon when he was beaten by a falcon when he was playing on the school field with his friends at gregory memorial high school in california,it occurred at a sporting ceremony in the school there.The boy’s name is Steve Foster,a bright student gifted in academics,he is loved by his parents,friends and family because he is talented,humble and nice,his friends rushed him to hospital for medical care in george medical hospital in california,his parents,mr and mrs John Foster,they are civil servants working in new york in bank of america corporation and alaska steel corporation,Steve Foster,is the only child of his parents,no siblings all alone by himself,no one to talk to,they lived in a bungalow building in new york,big compound,spacious with three cars,a swimming pool,sports arena,a big garage,a garden and a big gate as well.
Back to the action,he was taken to hospital in the midst of doctors and nurses in attendance,it was hectic day at the hospital with lots of patients coming around for medical care.Meanwhile,mr and mrs John Foster were at the hospital that fateful day when their son,Steve Foster was rushed to the hospital.His friends were also there too,the name of the doctor that attended to Steve Foster was Dr Michael Burner,a middle-aged man of 42 years old,grey hair,tall,and muscular,he is kind and passionate as well,cheerful,he shook hands with mr and mrs John Foster assuring them that their son would be alright no need to worry,they took the doctor’s advice and thanked him for his kind words on what he said,they were assured it was nothing serious.Before he was beaten,he had fever,he was sick,headache and had shaky eyes,he was unconscious.
His school mates were afraid he was going to die but for the timely intervention of the school principal,the teachers and medical personnel on ground to take him to hospital immediately as soon as they got a distress call from the school.On hearing what had happened to their son,they got to the hospital as soon as they could,feeling worried.Steve’s condition grew worse by the day,no medical care could help him but had to live with it for the rest of his life.The next day,his parents arrived at the hospital to see how their son was doing,on getting there,nurses were on duty attending to patients.They were referred to the doctor,Michael Burner,the doctor in charge of george medical hospital,california.The doctor summoned them to the intensive care unit where their son was receiving treatment on getting there,they saw that their son was responding positively to treatment in good condition of health of mind and body.
The doctor told his parents that their son’s condition cannot be solved but only managed with care.Steve Foster grew up to be a hero combating villains causing problems in the city,people were amazed that a hero has come to save them from villains that have been wrecking havoc in the city.To them it was a sigh of relief,before then,villains had been invading the city causing harm,destroying buildings.It ended well on a good note the villains were killed,justice prevailed at last.

a couple mr and mrs John Foster are civil servants working in a corporation and are committed parents willing to ensure that their only son and only child,Steve Foster succeeds in life and grew up to be a man of talents.Mr John Foster works in alaska steel corporation while mrs Agatha Foster works in bank of america corporation both in new york.They live in new york a place full of commercial activities busy 24 hours a day 7 days a week.The town is the commercial centre of america,bubbling with a lot of activities people chatting joyfully,school children playing on the field with their friends.Steve Foster is a jovial child eager to make new friends in california,his parents take him to school every morning before they go to work.before then,they wake up early in the morning to have their bath,say their prayers and have breakfast and leave for their places of work.
Mr and Mrs John Foster drop their son,Steve Foster at Gregory Memorial high school in California,in their sports utility vehicle,he is excited going to school to study and to make new friends in the school.he waves to his parents goodbye with a smile.As soon as they drove to work,he goes to the school there he makes friends with Edith White,Jason Mark,Samantha Kay and Norman Vincent as well as Eliot Denver and Frances Kelly who shook hands with him joyfully with smiles,the school is big,it has a population of 30 students,40 teachers,a principal,a janitor and a security man as well,it also has classrooms,a hall,a play ground and a laboratory as well as a school field.
They are taught in various subjects to enlighten understanding and retentive memory as well as enquire from the students if they had learned anything and was interested in their welfare as well,the teachers are caring and attentive to the needs of the students.Steve Foster and his friends gained a lot in the subjects and did excellently well in them,At the alaska stell corporation,John Foster was selling steel for investors who are keen to buy them for construction companies for industrial use,mr John Foster is a mechanical engineer back there he is committed to duty,he is hardworking and focused ,he struggles to feed his wife and son.He is wealthy,but choose to live a simple lifestyle among his colleagues,he is in his early 50s like 53 years old,he is never found wanting at his job,always on time.
Mrs Agatha Foster is the cashier at bank of america corporation in new york,attending to clients depositing money for payments like school fees,company expenses,and other utilities,she is very hardworking and dedicated to duty,The corporation is a very large organization with over 200 staff working there with various offices everywhere with customers coming for business transactions everyday.The corporation has cleaners and security guards and cleaners who ensure safety of staff and clean the building as well.Steve Foster and his friends had a filled day at the school chatting all day when his parents came to pick him up at school,he greeted his friends as he drove home with his parents till they got home in california it was a memorable day for them,Steve Foster discusses his day at school with his parents,how he did well at school,and the new friends he made there,they listened with keen attention,they were happy to hear that they have a cook,a househelp and a security guard in the compound,they had lunch,eating happily and retired to rest for the day.They are a happy family,staying  together no matter the odds.During a sports competition,Steve and his friends along with other students were playing a sports festival at the school field which is big with participants from other schools when a green falcon beat him in the hand,he became unconscious,his friends,Eliot Denver,Samantha Kay,Frances Kelly,Norman Vincent,Edith White and Jason Mark were there along with other teachers and the principal,his friends alerted the teachers and about Steve rolling on the floor unconscious and feeling dizzy.They called his parents,they were alarmed at the development,meanwhile,the principal called the ambulance,Steve was taken to George medical hospital in california,the men put Steve on oxygen mask to breahte,after putting him on stretcher,his friends were there to wish him luck.
His parents got to the school,the principal told them he was taken to George medical hospital in california on getting there,they were referred to Michael Burner,the doctor in charge of the hospital,they shook hands with him,he told them not to worry that their son is in a stable condition and that they are monitoring his health at the moment which is not serious at all.They requested from the doctor to see their son which was granted they were referred to the intensive care unit.They got there to find their son,they were worried about him and told him that he would be fine and get on his feet,they were happy to see him.The doctor told them to rest and come back the next morning and that they should get some fruits and food for him to recover fully which they did,they got to the hospital they met the doctor with the items,he directed them to where their son was getting better and ready to go home,which was a huge relief to them,the nurses were on duty attending to patients who needed care.Mr and Mrs John Foster were grateful to Dr Michael Burner for his care towards their son.The next day their son was discharge and ready to go home thanked the doctor once more and left,they got home after a tedious day in the hospital with their son,the security guards opened the gates for them to come in,the cook and houshelp were outside to receive them,when mr and mrs John Foster came from the car with their son.They greeted them which was acknowledged ,they helped them get things in the car after which they got inside the house to rest and had lunch later in the day.
Steve was well and got back on his feet again,his parents drove him to school,on getting to school,his friends were happy to see him after what had happened,the principal and teachers were also happy to see him back to school,though the pain was still there,it hurts but had to live with it for the rest of his life.That fateful day,a group of villains invaded the city of new york where mr and mrs John  Foster worked,they looted a lot of valuable items at bank of america corporation when transaction was ongoing,mrs Agatha Foster was on duty when it happened she was cut in a cross fireand was accidentally killed by the villains in the process which was very sad,everyone in the corporation saw what happened but before them,she called her husband to inform him of a robbery going on in the bank,he rushed there without delay on getting there,she died in his presence,the villains got away.Mr John Foster cried he was moved with tears on his wife’s death,he rushed to pick his son from school,where he met him playing with his friends,he was surprised to see his father sad,he told his friends to wait,he came to inquire from his father what the problem was,his father told him his mother was killed by villains during a robbery going on in bank of america corporation,Steve cried,he was crying so hard,his friends came to console him on the death of his mother,his teachers and principal as well.A memorial was held in her honour,various participants came to pay tribute to her,they said a lot about her regarding her humility,kindness,and patience that she exhibited while she was alive,a funeral mass was held in her honour by family and friends,which her body was laid in the cemetary,sympathizers cried when she was buried,mr John Foster and his son,Steve Foster cried at the funeral his friends were there to console him and his father,his colleagues were there as well to sympathize with them since then life has not being the same with them ever since the funeral.Steve’s father,mr John Foster died of heart attack leaving him all alone in this world,he grew up with time into a handsome young man,his friends,Samantha Kay,Eliot Denver,Frances Kelly,Norman Vincent,Edith White,and Jason Mark.after so many years.
They were working in banks and were engaged to their life partners.Meanwhile,the villains had being terrorising the city one crime to the other,Steve Foster’s power was growing at the moment each day passes after the encounter with the green falcon.He became a green falcon he embraced his power,he was working at the bank when it happened,he was attending to customers,dutiful and responsible.There is this lady by name,Esther King,who was also working at the bank who was eyeing him but took no notice of that,she wore a black skirt and black coat,she is beautiful,kind and adorable,she applied red make up and wore high heels,she likes him because he is nice and gentle and focused.Until,she met him and introduced herself to him he did the same as well,they shook hands withe each other,there was a connection,they went out for lunch and discussed at length and where glad they met.
When villains struck,he wore his costume and attacked the villains exchanging blows with them,he flew like a falcon bringing them to justice,the city was happy for his bravery,his friends and girlfriend got to know he was the green falcon afterwards nothing to hide from them.
Everywhere was safe and the villains put behind bars.
The End.
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