The crush: I wrote him a text

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We got another email on the “crush” from Jenny, here it is!
Hello everyone
This happened last two years, but having read the earlier stories, I feel I should share mine. I’m going to try to share my own “testimony” as briefly as I can.

I met this guy in school. He was tall,cute and every gal’s dream.At first I found that each time I saw him my heart always skipped some beats.I began to get close.
We were almost the same in every way, like the perfect match. we both play the same instruments, we both sing and act, we go to the same school, we act with the same theatre company and every time we audition for a play, we always end up as husband and wife. i told one of my closest friends about how i like him and so of coarse i knew i could trust her not to slip up. my crush and i we pretty good friends and were close enough to talk about personal stuff. he had no clue that i at all liked him. so one day we were playing truth-or-dare with my friends and his when he said truth. of coarse i asked him who he liked. my heart sunk when he said a girl from our theatre company. then he turned the tables on me and asked who i liked. i had a mini panic attack and my friend started to snicker. he looked at her and then everyone started to realize. whenever i am embarrassed, my face turns blood red, which is what happen next. he just looked at me for a second and then said “oh..” after that i didn’t speak the rest of the game . It was so embarrassing, but I liked him so much I wasn’t going to let that deter me.
Im the type of person who likes to take risks, but then is also a coward. So…I wanted to tell my crush I liked him. But I also didn’t want to because I was too scared. So i started writing notes and giving clues and stuff. I think he figured out it was me, cuz i was oh-so-subtle (please note heavy sarcasm). But then, it was our last year of school and we had these envelopes where you write notes to people, like: “You’re so nice! I hope i see you after thisl” or something. So i decided to write him a note saying this: “I have a crush on you – (my name)”…..yup. And i forgot to fold the note… And then right after, him and his friends go up to his and he pulls out a handful from the front and guess what? Mine is right there, in big fat letters saying I have a crush on you. So then, on the last day, the club captain says, “Everyone, get in a circle and you can open you envelopes and read your notes.” And im like..SH*T!!!!! and then i see him read his notes. and I just KNOW he read mine. But he doesn’t give off any sign. Omg, ive had so many cringe-worthy stories. and all on this same guy! Now, i know he knows I have a crush on him. But I don’t anymore. Well, i haven’t seen him for 2 years so… And Im thinking about telling him I don’t have a crush on him anymore, so he doesn’t need to feel awkward during our fb messaging. Should I? But im so scared to as well.

Arlington ,Texas

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