31 Splurge-Worthy Pieces Of Furniture From Wayfair That Have Truly Impressive Star Ratings

[ad_1] 1. A seven-drawer mid-century dresser to hold all your clothing essentials. Made with solid wood, this sturdy dresser is well-worth the splurge for all the long-lasting storage space. Wayfair Product review: “Dresser arrived fully assembled, with the exception of the drawer pulls, which were screwed onto the inside of each drawer. It’s beautiful, sturdy, and […]

Hank Green Answered All Of TikTok's Most Bizarre Questions This Year With Impressive Accuracy

[ad_1] If the name Hank Green sounds familiar, it probably should! He may have taught you biology through his education platform Crash Course or maybe you’ve attended VidCon, the YouTube convention he founded. Monica Schipper / Getty Images And most likely, you’ve watched one of his videos with his brother John. His incredibly impressive resume […]

This Teenager Is Being Challenged By People On TikTok To Guess Their Height And He’s Pretty Impressive

[ad_1] Kenyon Lee College student Kenyon Lee is the latest TikTok star rapidly growing an audience for his talent of being able to guess a person’s height with just a few markers and his impressive handle on math. The 18-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee, has been challenged by fellow TikTokers across the platform to put his […]