Married People Are Sharing How They Discovered Their Partner Was Cheating, And The Sound You Hear Is Me Falling Outta My Chair

[ad_1] Hey, guess what? Cheating always sucks! And sometimes, it sucks even more when you’re already married and actually catch your spouse cheating on you. WE tv / Via So, we recently asked married people of the BuzzFeed Community how they found out that their spouse was cheating on them, and… you’ll just have […]

The Supreme Court Has Refused To Hear Trump’s Failed Election Lawsuits Before Biden Is Sworn In

[ad_1] Carlos Barria / Reuters WASHINGTON — The US Supreme Court on Monday once again refused to interfere with President-elect Joe Biden’s win, rejecting efforts by President Donald Trump and his allies to get the justices to reconsider another round of failed election challenges before Biden is sworn in next week. Less than a week […]