15 Pairs Of Celebs I Was Surprised To Find Out Are Related, And 15 Pairs I Was Surprised To Find Out Aren’t Related

[ad_1] There are a lot of family trees running through Hollywood, but there are also a ton of celebrities who look similar without sharing any family ties at all. These kinds of connections can actually be pretty surprising. Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com Here are 15 pairs of celebs I was surprised to find out […]

Tyler Posey Said Being On OnlyFans Is "Bizarre" And "Mentally Draining" After Celebs Were Dragged For Joining The Platform

[ad_1] You probably know Tyler Posey for his role as Scott McCall in Teen Wolf, or if you weren’t an adolescent during the 2010s, as the kid from Maid In Manhattan. Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic But in recent months, Tyler has taken a new and more-than-slightly controversial career tack: He made an account on OnlyFans. […]

People Are Sharing Pics They Got With Celebs, And I Just Love These

[ad_1] On Sunday, sports marketer Chris Grosse asked people on Twitter to share a picture with someone “slightly more famous than you.” π˜Ύπ™π™§π™žπ™¨ π™‚π™§π™€π™¨π™¨π™š @Chris_Grosse Post a pic of you next to someone who is slightly more famous than you. 01:05 AM – 21 Dec 2020 Reply Retweet Favorite It basically led to people sharing […]