Snake girl..The Lady That Turned Into A Snake

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imagine getting married to a snake girl? It is amazing what goes on in our lives,we marvel at them and ask God why this is happening to us,our innermost minds tells us that God has a reason for letting it to be so.
Finding a lady to have as a soul mate is an amazing thing that can happen to anyone,anytime,anywhere,that lady can either make him or mar him for life.
She is the key to his happiness in terms of finding a good wife to settle down with,give him good children,make his parents and siblings proud also make him proud as well.
But mind you it is not all ladies that are nice as they seem,some of them are Wolves in Sheep clothings ,playing on a man’s emotion because he cannot read in between the lines for what she is.Some of the ladies are marine spirits from the marine world,their mission is to kill and destroy.They have a mother superior who initiates them and tells them what to do to destroy broken marriages.
That is why men must be careful the kind of ladies they are going out with.In order to be on the safe side,some of these ladies are not what you think they are,don’t be deceived by their beauty,the way they talk,walk and dress all that is a ploy to get mens’s attention to lure them to sleep with them and kill the men in order to take over the world,inviting the antichrist to rule over the world,in this day and age where christianity is thriving,one must be spiritually alert at all times in order not to fall into temptation of the Devil and his agents whose mission is to come,steal,kill and to destroy.
If one abides in the Lord,the power of light will prevail over darkness.This is another work of fiction written by me in order to interest the viewers and audience alike with a view for them to remain steadfast in the Lord,it is a christian story telling about the Devil and his followers whose mission is to ruin souls and bring them into his kingdom.If one is weak,one becomes one of them and there it takes off like magic.
It follows movies like the likes of Meggido,Devil’s Advocate,Damian,Angels and Demons,Jeepers Creepers,Constantine,The Ghost Rider,e.t.c.Full of action,thriller,suspense that will excite the viewers who would want to have a good time with their loved ones,it also tells the essence of families being united in love,peace and have strong faith in other to heal families shattered by the Devil.

Guys be careful of what you wish for it might just come in a way you don’t expect it.In this perverse world where evil is seeking for winning  souls into the kingdom of darkness be careful.
I write this fiction story with a view to enlighten people on the need to pray at all times,a family that stays together,prays together,children should beware of strangers that they are not conversant with,some of them are suspicious,they might look innocent at first,not all they seem to be,Also,guys,please beware of ladies you pick on the road,some of these ladies are messengers from the kingdom of darkness,seeking to kill,steal and to destroy.Prevention they say is better than cure so please be on the alert.
Scene 1
A group of men were walking down the road with their friends chatting about their encounter they had in the Church and how the priest inspired their lives and warned them on the need to pray at all times,in order not to fall into temptation of the Devil and his agents seeking to ruin souls.
While that was going on,a strange lady from nowhere emerge from the ocean,naked with no clothes on,suddenly had clothes on,she was mysterious at first,her hair beautifully made,she was pretty and at the same time evil and powerful her eyes green,her tongue like a Snake,her teeth like Snake,she strikes and spare no one,she is heartless and wicked.
These guys were walking down the road after a Church service at a catholic Church in New York,when they encountered a certain lady,who stopped them on the way,the name of the guys were Anthony Curan,Michael Fletcher and Daniel Lloyd,very nice and charming young men who had zeal to serve God and save those from agents of the anti-christ.
The name of the lady is Acquila Shinel,she is vicious and does not like people that love Jesus Christ,she is the arch-enemy.Daniel,Michael and Anthony were surprised at the strange lady,who stopped them on the way.She introduced herself as Acquila Shinel,she told them that she is a stranger and wanted to be guided around New York City and that she is homeless,an orphan and have no friends at all.They were weary about her because they have not seen her before,the guys hesitated and had to think this through before taking a decision to help her and possibly shelter her for the time being.
They had to be careful about her which they all agreed,the guys had crosses on their necks for protection against evil.
Before then,they told her to excuse them which she did give them excuse,Michael Fletcher told his friends,Anthony Curan and Daniel Lloyd that he had to help Acquila Shinel,he told them that he will be careful about her.He bade them goodbye and took Acquila Shinel to New York City,they had lunch at a restaurant after which they discussed at length about each other.
Michael Fletcher and Acquila Shinel,the strange lady took a taxi to a building in Houston where Michael Fletcher lives,they got there,he took her to his house where he stays and accommodated her out of sympathy and passion.
Unknown to him,she was a snake who is claiming to be a human in the morning and at night a snake,twenty four hours in the daytime.While that was going on,he showed her to her room and gave her the keys to the room,it was self-contained apartment with toilet and bathroom,she accepted without hesitation and thanked him for accommodating her,Michael Fletcher got to his room tired,phoned his two friends on what happened and told them that he has to keep an eye on her because he dies not know her.Which the two friends agreed to.
He is a devout catholic and also a detective at New York Police Department where he works there,Acquila Shinel the Snake lady was on a mission to kill people who are an obstruction because she hated catholics who spread the gospel of Christ,she noticed that he was a devout catholic and wanted to get rid of him by all means,possible meanwhile all around the house they were crucifix,which was an obstacle to her,which she vowed to resist with all her might.
Anthony Curan and Daniel Lloyd were working at a sports company in Los Angeles organizing events there,they were in charge of sports coverage of events of various football clubs and their players and managers which provided fun at the tournament.Each football club had fun and thrilled the spectators with dribbles and passes which were accurate.
Michael,Anthony and Daniel had ladies in their lives namely Ashley Cole,Heather Rain and Anthonia Askin,they are very beautiful ladies,they work in various banks in New York City and very successfull in their career,they are jovial,focused and kind ladies.
Meanwhile,Michael Fletcher works at New York Police Department with files at his office full of criminal cases to attend to he is hardworking,focused and committed to duty,his colleagues like him for that.
Acquila ShineL,the Snake lady was on a killing spree with victims lying helpless in their pool of blood,which attracted passers who alerted the police on discovering the bodies,while that was happening,Michael Fletcher was with his fiancee,Ashley Cole,when he got a phone call from his colleagues about the incident that happened along westbank road in a nearby supermarket in Texas.
He was sad to hear the news before then,he was having luch with Ashley Cole when they were having a good time in a restaurant in New York.On hearing the call,he went in accompany of Ashley Cole to the scene of the incident in westbank road in Texas in a police car,on getting there,police cordoned the area with family and friends of the victims shedding tears at the scene.Investigations were on going no cause of homicide had been determined yet.Acquila Shinel fled the scene of the incident in order to avoid being caught unawares by people who might have sighted her.
Michael Fletcher alerted Anthony Curan and Daniel LLoyd who were with their women,Anthonia Askin and Heather Rain who were at a sports event in Florida watching a match between various clubs amidst spectators at the sporting arena ,with the referee and his two assistants officiating the match,they had to leave immediately in order not to disrupt the match.They came to meet Michael Fletcher to sympathize on the death of the victims.
Susan Parker and Daniella Park friends of the deceased victims who were narrating all that happened when Acquila Shinel attacked and killed them,the next day their bodies were found on the streets,with passers by another death incidence happening one after the other.
Heather Rain and Daniel LLoyd were in the church when the priest Rev.Father Giovanni Emerald officiating a mass at Saint Petersburg Church in Texas,he spoke on the need for people to beware of evil in the world,Acquils Shinel was in the Church she was there when the priest sighted her he sensed evil in the church he told the congregation to be on the alert,she transformed into  a Snake everyone including Anthony Curan,Daniel LLoyd,Michael Fletcher,Heather Rain,Ashley Cole and Anthonia Askin were there to witness what happened in the Church that fateful day,Michael Fletcher was shocked to discover the lady he and his friends sighted was a Snake not human,she charged at them with her eyes turning green,as well as her mouth showing her fangs,she spat at them,they dodged the venom,the congregation aalarmed at the sight of the snake girl,the priest and the congregation prayed for God’s intervention on the Snake girl,their prayers had a positive impact she was shaking ,the priest sprinkled holy water on her which was very hot on her body,she reacted to it aggressively as a result she became powerless she turned into a human,people were shocked including Anthony and his friends along with Anthonia,Heather and Ashley were there to witness what happened ,she was burnt ,transformed into a skeleton,died and disappeared and never heard of again.
Everywhere was relieved,people were amazed and were happy.
The End.

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