On what condition can a kid goat obtain the mother’s breastmilk?

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From Gistwheel Gallery
From Gistwheel Gallery

What on earth must a kid goat do,in order to obtain the mother’s breast milk? It gets on its knees!!
The world today has put us in a situation where you can hardly get anything good easily.Many people have passed through different levels of education and still remained unemployable,because they couldn’t afford to get on their knees to access the “mother’s breast milk” No employer wants to have employees who likesto show they’re all-knowing.They can’t have bosses for the boss.There can’t be two captains in a ship.
If you observe,Most people that make it to the highest echelon in many institutions and corporate and even private organizations are the ones whose unalloyed loyalty have been devoted to the work and the management.Those who have shown sincerity of purpose,tested and found worthy.
Watch many families,the parents always favor the ones who always obey them and show total loyalty to them.These ones hardly lack anything.
To get the best of any situation, you must understand the powers that control those situations and acknowledge your own limitations. By acknowledging your limitations you develop strength in what should have been your weaknesses.,and what would have been your stumbling blocks become your stepping stones
If the kid goat should say,”oh I’m almost at mom’s height, afterall! we’re equal almost, no need to kneel.”,it’d starve to death!
There is just one way,kneel..
If you are dealing with God,for you to have a successful relationship with him,there’s just one way, kneel..and get the much needed “milk” to grow,and prevail .

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