Nutro Powers

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Have you heard of Nutro Powers? it is cool hearing of super heroes with amazing super powers to help combat the villains that have being constituting problems in the society bringing fears in the minds of people for sometime everyone needs a super hero to look up to for admiration and say hey that is our heroes.
Super heroes help to combat crime in the society by putting criminals to justice by assisting the law enforcement agents to bring crime to a minimal level.
The word ‘Nutro’ i define it as the cosmic powers from the sun in contact with the rainbow colours to pave way for supernatural powers.Nutro comes from the word nutrition which is the process of taking in and absorbing nutrients.It is a food supplement.
Powers are the abilities to do something.It is also strength,force or energy which comes with great responsibility and determination,it takes courage and effrontery to take up challenges that was how the word nutro power came to be,which was borne out of my own imagination and creative thinking to write fiction to enlighten viewers and audience alike to create an imaginative impression,this is another story that follows the likes of marvel comics,which people would love to read and be thrilled about to have a good time with their loved ones.It is another blockbuster series.
Andrew Young,James Gardener,Nick Parker,Henry Cannon and Michael Park are jolly good friends who attends New York State University in the city of New York they are fond of each other lively and fun loving guys their parents are wealthy people in the society and charitable as well,who don’t hesitate to help people in need.
They are intelligent undergraduates in school who assist their colleagues in the class on subjects they do not understand at all,they devote their time and talent to share their knowledge with their fellow colleagues,they are loved by their parents,lecturers,and their colleagues alike because of that.
They are electrical engineering undergraduates at the New York State University,the University is big with various departments and faculties,libraries,lecture halls,laboratories,as well as theatres,stadiums,e.t.c.They have Vice-chancellor,as well as lecturers,heads of departments,as well as registrars and committed staff,it is a state university well funded by the government of New York,it is one of the best universities in the country.
Meanwhile,a group of robots led by Oblithius and his men were attacking other planets with their spacecraft having a good time he and his men.Oblithius is a fierce looking robot,heartless and wicked as well as proud and arrogant,he feels he is indestructible and powerful.
MMachinatrox and his protege Machinobot are machine robots whose mission is to guard the earth from invaders who will want to harm planet earth which has a lot of resources.They are good people who have the interest of the planet earth at heart,they have a group of robots they are training under their command with a space station there which is very big indeed,large enough to contain a family there it is very complex and sophisticated with various sections.
Back in school,Andrew and his friends were studying in class the lecturer mr Peter Nathan a middle-aged man in his forties was lecturing a topic in machines and their functions which everyone listen to with rapt attention to avoid distraction with their phones switched off,they had a good thing.Same for Andrew and his friends as well.Their parents came to pick them up from school from their places of work.Their parents are bankers in various banks in New York which is the commercial hub of America,which is bustling with a lot of business activities going on there.
Nick exchanged greetings with his friends parents and their parents as well returned the greetings in a polite manner.They zoomed off to their various destinations in a joyful mood they told their parents what they had acquired in the University which their parents listened with keen attention.
Meanwhile,Oblithius and his men invaded the earth from mars unexpectedlymachinatrox,machinobot and their men received the news on high alert from their space station on earth with shock,their leader,machinatrox told his men to get ready for attack against Oblithius and his men who are on their way to invade earth which they did without delay.
Oblithius and his men were getting ready to invade the earth which was their next target in order to eliminate their enemies who stood in their way dressed and ready for war,earth is 15,000 miles from mars.Back in the New York State University,Nick and his friends were at their lecture class attending lectures with their lecturers also other undergraduates as well too.They had practical classes in their respective workshops and were instructed on the use of the workshop and where told to use lab coat and helmet for safety in the laboratory in order to avoid accident there.
Meanwhile,Oblithius and his men arrived earth a few hours ago which was hectic on hearing this,Machinatrox,Machinobot and the others got out of the space station ready for combat,Oblithius and his men engaged them in a fierce combat in the process.
Machinatrox was injured by Oblithius all the men died,some of oblithius men died as well except for Machinobot who escaped with his master,Oblithius and his men took over the earth and had come to stay.Meanwhile,Machinobot carried his injured master,Machinatrox on his shoulders,on drop him on the ground before his master died,he told him to look for humans whom he believe will protect the earth from invaders after saying that he died.
Machinobot was all alone,he had to look for humans to protect the earth,meanwhile while at New York State University,Nick and his friends were having a good time when Oblithius and his men invaded the school,everywhere was dark,everyone was panicking for safety,Machinobot got there he shot at Oblithius’s men some of them died,he found Nick and his friends and took them in a spacecraft and took off to a safe destination for safety from Oblithius and his men.
He told them that they have been chosen to protect the earth and that he is a good person,he also told them that he and his master and his colleagues were protecting earth when Oblithius and his men invaded the earth and killed his master and his colleagues as well.
He told them that they must begin training which they did day and night which was tedious and at the end,it was worth it,they were transformed into heroes,they engaged in a fierce combat with Oblithius and his men,his men died in the process leaving only Oblithius they dealt with him and he died.
It shows that good will prevail over evil.
The End.

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