Man to Pay £1500 for alledgedly punching a five-day old baby

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A 64 years old man has been convicted of assault and ordered to pay £1500 fine for hitting a 5-days old baby.
One begins to think, what would make a full grown man to attack a five-day old baby? Wonders they say shall never end.Those who are close have wondered what Pushed David Hardy ,64 to hit 5-days old Elsie Temple lying harmlessly in her trolley in a supermarket in Baguley.
The said attack happened at a Tesco store when Elsie’s mother, Amy Duckers, beckoned over a friend to look at her “beautiful baby”.Duckers told the court Hardy had rushed over and punched her daughter with a “clenched fist”.She toldManchestermagistrates court:“He came rushing up and as I looked over my shoulder he punched her in theface.“I heard the slap of the punch as well. I said: ‘You have hit my baby,’ and he said: ‘No I didn’t.’”
The man who pleaded not guilty was reported to have said he mistook the baby for a doll.
In a police interview Hardy said: “I saw a young girl hanging over the shopping trolley. I honestly thought it was her dolly. I said: ‘I’m going to wake your baby up.’ It looked like a doll to me. It wasn’t moving. I didn’t punch it; I just tapped it in its face.”He told the court that he curled in his fingers and “flicked” at what he thoughtwas a doll. He added: “I thought I was just going to make the girl laugh. I don’tknow why I thought that.”He added: “I can remember the mother crying and quite rightly so. I would be devastated myself. It was like a state of disbelief. Her husband came and I said:‘I’m really sorry, pal.’”20161123191307

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