magnoman:the story of a man who was transformed into a larva

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this is a work of fiction that would excite a lot of is a blockbuster fiction written by me (Ben) which talks about a man who was transformed into a magma when he was accidentally thrown into a larva volcano by unknown bad guys working for a man named bruce anderson who was a protege of michael kaine who was transformed into a killoing machine when he was accidentally exposed to the gamma radiation.
imagine a world full of superheroes.wouldn’t it be cool and fanstatic.but as we know it,it exists in our fantasy world.heroes defend the innocent people in the society where bad guys terrorise the city with their sophisticated weapons destroying houses and high rise is an action fiction story based on characters and plots.

a group of mercenaries working in a laboratory owned by military soldiers in new york city carrying out forensic studies on ions,protons and neutrons in finding out how effective they are in nuclear weapons,as well as ammunitions and guns as well until something went wrong which resulted in a disaster when one of the military men came in contact with the gamma radiation which transforms him into a killing machine.
in the meantime,a cop working in los angeles police department in the city of los angeles who is dedicated to duty as well as protecting the city by getting rid of bad guys in the city who have being terrorising the people making them uncomfortable.
in the course of his duty,a group of mercenaries abducted him unexpectedly was overpowered when he tried to resist them he couldn’t.
the people panicked when it took place but were helpless they could not do anything just watching helplessly when they took the cop away.
the mercenaries took the cop to a larva where they threw him there.he was in pain,they took off as time went on he became magnoman,he was half-human he grew with his power of larva went after the bad guys and killed them all.

a freelance journalist peter lance,who works at a press company where they deal in stories for people to read in order to update them on what is happening as events unfold every minute,he is young,handsome and energetic.
he has a girlfriend by name yvonne snow,who is a media editor in news company in dallas,texas she is committed to duty as well as help people who need her services.she is currently dating peter lance a freelance journalist working in washington dc.
their parents are middle aged farmers who work to earn a living for themselves and their families.they live in washington dc.ain one of the suburb towns in washington.
back at the military laboratory in new york city a group of scientists as well as soldiers and mercenaries working on gamma radiation,ions,protons and neutrons to test their effectiveness in thenuclear weapons in the fight against was terrific and explosive.bruce anderson,one of the mercenaries working there tested the weapons he was pleased with what he saw he came to tell michael kaine,a mascular man who has a built body,tall and no moustache.looks fierce.he is one of the top military men working at the military laboratory in new york.he laughs a lot but serious-minded.
at the los angeles police department,kenneth wiggins an inspector at the los angeles police department is muscular,lively,young and athletic.he is very friendly to people around him including his colleagues and the people as citizens of the city.he is willing to help them when is needed.a list of criminals who have been terrorising the city have been arrested by him and his colleagues have made progress because of his dedication to duty.he has a fiance by name marie scott,a beautiful lady from colorado,she is a dance teacher at a school in new york,she is slim and fair as well as average in height,she is kind and nice as well.
back at the daily press,peter lance was selling photos to mr john duke,the editor in chief for him to approve his payment upfront and have it photographed at the covers of the newspapers for people to buy them and appreciate them.which was given a nod by mr john duke a white beard man in his 50s,a funny character and a serious minded person who does not tolerate late coming to work by his staff who works for him.
peter lance was directed by mr john duke to go to the cashier for his payment to be approved after bringing out a cheque and signing  it with his signature on it.peter lance was full of joy for it because he has being looking forward to the day he will get paid for his services.he was directed to the cashier desk with the cheque in his right hand the lady he met was joy dance a fair-skinned lady,slim and shapely with a charming smile on her face and receptive to people as well.he gave it to her telling her that mr john duke sent it to him to give her.she gave him his pay telling her that he is a freelance journalist.she told him that she could see that with a smile.
after giving him his pay he shook her hands and walked joyfully and made his way to the exit door of the company.he felt on top of the world.he came to see his girlfriend at the office where she works he found her editing stories for people getting them edited,printed and published.yvonne snow spotted peter lance telling him to wait downstairs for her to finish what she is doing and they would go out for lunch afterwards.she was done for the day before then she came to see her boss mr tim pen,the managing director of the printing company where she works to give him her writeups she collected from people for his approval to have them published which was granted without delay.she went to see peter lance waiting for her downstairs he was beaming with smiles and told her how his day was.when he was paid for his photos she was pleased to see that they went out for lunch at the restaurant and discussed how their day went,they were having fun.
in the city,people were working,playing and laughing as they walk across the cities with their friends and loved ones dear to them,in groups and clusters in a civilized way.
back at the military laboratory,michael kaine and bruce anderson were getting ready to wreck havoc in the city of washington dc with their mercenaries well dressed in green uniform with their guns and ammunitions ready in their bags,while some in their holsters which were much on them.they drove in their military armoured tanks and cars geeting set to kill some people who gets in their way no matter what happens.
on getting to the city,bruce anderson and michael kaine alighted from the car with guns ready to cause damage to the city.people on seeing them took to their heels to take cover at one of the buildings nearby.when they arrived,they destroyed the buildings in the city with their sophisticated guns and ammunitions.the mercenaries had no mercy,fierce-looking men.
it attracted a lot of attention from people like the likes of peter lance and his girlfriend yvonne snow,who were at the scene to report what had happened.firemen were at the scene to put off the fire at the buildings.journalists and policemen were at the scene as well to cordon the area in order not to allow people to pass.firemen rescued some people at the scene trapped in one of the buildings,there were weeping from the people a lot of them looking for their loved ones,some have died.
inspector kenneth wiggins was at the scene when it happened to monitor the situation with his men there.meanwhile bruce anderson and michael kaine along with the mercenaries left before the police,journalists and firefighters got there.
bruce anderson and michael kaine and others had a good time with what they did.marie scott,kenneth wiggin’s fiance heard what happened and consoled him to take heart and the families as well.
michael kaine was working in the laboratory when the gamma radiation splashed on his body it changed him.he was completely different,his body was changing colour while it happened.he was in apain,screaming for help.bruce anderson heard him and the others to know what was happened.he told them what happened they took him to the lab for medical attention immediately.
has the scientists were attending to him,the pain grew worse giving rise to him being transformed to metaliks the killing machine.he was green all through no longer human at all.they were surprised at his transformation.
metaliks,bruce anderson and the others went to los angeles police department to wreck havoc there with their guns and ammunitions kenneth wigins was on duty that fateful day when they came to atack people.he spotted them and fired the first shot at a villain known as metaliks it was not good enough,he was shocked at the sight of metaliks the villain.meanwhile, bruce anderson and the mercenaries were shot at by the police.some of them died,some sustained injuries in the attack as well.bruce anderson and some of the mercenaries took hold of kenneth wiggins in the presence of everyone into their car and drove off the police tried to rescue but they were attacked.
marie scott his fiance was there when it all happenedshe was sad.bruce anderson and the mercenaries took kenneth wiggins to a nearby volcano blinfolded in their presence they threw kenneth wiggins into the volcano which is hot flowing with lava very hot indeed.he screamed for help no one came meanwhile bruce anderson and the mercenaries took off in their car and left .the lava consumed kenneth wiggins as he screamed for help.the police called him no response meanwhile his fiance called him as well no answer.
he was transformed to become magnoman bringing out larva with his hands he is strong and powerful,his job is to protect the people from bad guys.he went from the volcano steaming hot to the city rescuing people and attacking the bad guys and killing them.he is half-human at this point.he became a hero.he spotted his fiance when she was going out,he called her name,she was surprised to see him he told her all that happened,how he was abducted by some bad guys and that she should not be afriad.
meanwhile metaliks,bruce anderson and some of the mercenaries wrecking havoc in the city.magnoman encountered them in a fierce combat exchanging blows with them.they died.bruce anderson spotted magnoman not knowing it is kenneth wiggins.he dealth with him by slamming him with his body on the fllor and head on the floor as well.he groaned in pain.he became weak and magnoman killed him.remaining metaliks the machine man.they fought each other breaking buildings everywhere.people watching what was happening.peter lance and yvonne snow watching what was happening as the two characters fighting were taking pictures.people were watching them with keen attention.
until metaliks and magnoman fought each other.magnoman slammed metaliks on the floor forcefully with full force giving him kicks and uppercuts until he hit the building and eventually stabbed him to death with electrical conductors.he died eventually,everywhere was safe,he and his fiance lived happily,embracing each other and eventually got married
the end.


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