John Nookerton the vampire destroyer

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This is another work of fiction written by to excite viewers and audience alike with a view to tell them exciting stories about vampires how they react,where they come from and also how they come into existence in the world.
Vampires are scary creatures that frighten people at night when they are asleep with a scary sound,they roam the earth in search of people to attack especially to bite them in the neck through which they spread the virus,when the person is biten,it takes time for the virus to spread through the body for it to be effective,the person that has being beaten transforms into one of the vampires and becomes one of them,and starts to hunt the vampire hunters.
The vampire hunters on the otherhand,hunts vampires that have being terrorizing the city where people reside,the vampires hunters are armed with weapons like knives,daggers,guns as well as serum to kill them when they attack.They too are half-vampires,half-humans they are born that way,they have masters that look after them who are not vampires.
They are committed to kill the vampires,the vampires have a master who is in charge,he is violent and aggressive as well,he does not listen to excuses from the vampires,he wants it done.
In a world full of vampires,everyone lives in fear of them being beaten or killed as the case may be and take shelter in buildings,and defend themselves with knives for self-defence when they come.The vampires are much in number all over the place wherever they go,they attack in groups and kill without mercy.It follows movies like Blade,John Carpenter Vampires,Van Helsing,Dracula,E.T.C.
John Nookerton and Abraham Whisker were walking along the streets in search of vampires,they were dressed in black jacket and trousers and had glasses on them in order to defend themselves against vampires that attack them,while that was going on,a band of vampires came to attack them,they were jumping from one place to another.
They were fierce,they had mouth that can open and bring out their tongues that is large which they use to kill people with the help of their teeth,their mouth opens from both sides,they are reapers,and have no bones,but heart that looks like stone.
John Nookerton and Abraham Whisker fought them,one of them jumped and was killed with the aid of serum which was put in their mouths,it exploded,while the others were stabbed in the heart straight ripping the heart apart it was very scary and disgusting.
At the Florida Hospital,Dr. Jessica July was on duty,that fateful day,her and the other colleagues attending to patients who needed medical care,when all of a sudden,some vampires attacked killing some of the doctors and nurses on duty,Dr Jessica July was attacked by one of the vampires she was held captive by them with daggers pointed at her,when John Nookerton and Abraham Whisker came to the Hospital and killed some of the vampires,one of the vampires threw Jessica July out of the window,Abraham Whisker came to rescue her,she was beaten in the neck by one of the vampires,John Nookerton killed one of the vampires with blades which was very sharp,it boomeranged going back and forth at angle 60 degrees very fast speed,they were sliced in pieces,like trees,they had no skeleton,just dry pieces of ashes from firewood they dissolved like molten larva.
Meanwhile,John Nookerton came to assist Abraham Whisker get Jessica July to the car for medical attention she was deep.She groaned in pain,and was moving uncontrollably until they got to the building where they stay,they got her out of the car and took her to the bedroom for treatment,she was injected with serum as antidote to the venom spreading like cancer,she shaked in response to the serum being injected in her neck.After that they allowed her to have a rest.
Meanwhile,James Todd,Paul Lane,Miles Moon and Christine Payne were having a field day hunting people who were not vampires,they killed without mercy,they are aggressive and violent,one of the vampires that John Nookerton attacked escaped,he was the only one left told James Todd,the vampire leader that John Nookerton and Abraham Whisker came to attack he and his colleagues at Florida Hospital when they were killing doctors and nurses when they arrived.James Todd told him and the others to look for them and bring them alive.
Meanwhile,Dr.Jessica July regained her strength,she felt a relieved.John Nookerton and Abraham Whisker came to see how she is recovering to their surprise,she is a lot beter,she asked them what was happening,they told her that vampires are attacking people and killing them,those beaten become of them,she was told to stay with them for her safety,which she did.
The next day,John Nookerton ,Abraham Whisker and Jessica July went out to hunt vampires they had swords,guns and serum for self-defence,on their way,they encountered a lot of vampires waiting for them,they attacked the vampires with serum and swords they died on the spot.

James Todd,Paul Lane,Christine Payne,Miles Moon and the others encountered them on their way to the castle,it was fierce,lots of physical combats the others were killed with serum injected into their mouths,leaving only James Todd,the vampire leader to fight with John Nookerton which was fierce in the end,John Nookerton killed James Tod with serums at his head and body he exploded.
It was a sigh of relief,everyone was at peace once again.The last of the vampires was on his way to the elevator when John Nookerton killed him.
The End.

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