How to protect your facebook account from hackers

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As famous as facebook is,with the highest population among all social networks, security is one big challenge facing the social media giant. Inasmuch as facebook security have been doing their best to keep the network clean,bad eggs still abound that daily hunt down accounts. From time to time one would get messages like “..Please tell all the contacts in your Messenger list, not accepting “Anwar Jitou’s” contact, he’s a hacker that has the computer connected to your Facebook account. If one of your contacts accepts it, you will also be hacked, so make sure that all your friends know it…Thanks..”
why would a hacker target your account?
imagine building over 4,000 friends over your many years on facebook,and suddenly finding out you cannot access your facebook anymore..what could be more painful than having anything.imagine the connections,the close friends you chat and play with everyday,just like that??? why would a hacker want to hack your account in the first place?
hackers target high profile facebook memebers. most of these hackers have one business {good,bad and ugly} to advertise,and finding that they lack the audience power to achieve their potentials, they target popular facebookers and their friends,some get as desperate as hacking day-old accounts.
signs your account has been hacked
I have had contact with over 50 such victims, and most of them say they started suspecting a hack when :
– they start getting reports from their friends about explicit materials posted on their walls or sent to people’s inbox from their accounts.
-they start seeing chats in their inbox supposed to have been initiated by them with people they don’t know
-they start seeing notifications that people they don’t know and never sent friend requests have accepted their requests and connected with them on messenger.
-they can’t log in to their accounts anymore.
sometimes when these hackers cannot penetrate the security,they resort to other methods. the trend now is cloning of accounts. hackers now clone accounts of popular facebookers and start sending random friend requests to every Dick and Harry. unsuspecting members accept and most times end up getting duped or taken advantage of in one way or another. another method is via emails. this is used mostly by hackers putting provocatively dressed profile pictures ,unsuspecting victims add them and are told to contact them via email for CLOSER interaction.upon doing this they get people duped see live experience
how to secure your faceook account
1. use strong password to secure your account,if possible try hae it changed periodically.
2.ensure you submit your email to facebook,in case you lose access and need to reset your password.
3.send and accept friend requests from people you know.
4.verify links sent to your inbox even by friends( as you don’t know if their account is hacked) before you open them.
5.don’t go contacting people you don’t know on facebook with your email address.
6.Avoid using fake AUTO-LIKERS
7.Keep a simple profile,don’t go showing off how rich or popular you’re. quick to report (and block) any suspected spammers or hackers.
9.keep away from all suspicious deals on facebook.
9.i don’t think you got on facebook to watch porn,keep away from pimps and sex-oriented profiles and groups.

10. Always log out of public or shared computers

11. Enable login notifications  so that you get notified each time your account is logged into
good luck with your account.

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