How to make money with InfoLinks

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Info links is one of the highest paying Google Adsense alternatives known for

Ad formats. Infolinks currently boats of millions of Publishers and Advertisers across the globe. So many Publishers have been frustrated by Adsense, so many have high-traffic websites and applications and still have not realized the the potential earning power of their traffic.
Infolinks aside from their relatively easier approval process, also has many advantages that every publisher or Advertiser would not want to pass them by.
Why you should consider Infolinks
1. Easy integration with any platform
Monetize all traffic on any platform with Infolinks’ suite of advanced ad units.
2.Infolinks integrates seamlessly with other Ads media
Infolinks allows you to fully monetize your traffic with their Ads alongside other Ad platforms like Google Adsense and others. And the good thing is that if you already have  infolinks active on your site, you would still be considered by Google  Adsense! that allows you to earn as much as your traffic can afford!
3. Unobtrusive Ads
Unlike some other Ads platforms that unleash disturbing ads, Infolinks gives you four major ads formats as listed above which do not in any way interfere with the Customer satisfaction, or your Sites’ optimization.
4. Customize your Ads
Aside the fact that infolinks ads are less invasive and intrusive than other ads platforms, you have the options to customize your ads to your taste to blend with your content and purpose.
5. Infolinks monetizes every ad space!
infolinks allows you to monetize every Ad space from the text on your site to other spaces you don’t even know that exist. you just get it activated and you’re good to go!

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