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Emmm, if I was asked how my morning was, what would I say? ? I won’t say today was bad but it was kinda weird-it happens to me sometimes.
The atmosphere was peaceful, right from the time I forced my lazy eyes open—my bed was really my comfort zone. Everything around me displayed tranquility. It was as if the earth had stopped rotating. No snores from my roommates. MA eyes had struck something, the wall gecko’s eyes. Its eyes were piercing into mine—it didn’t shook me. I couldn’t pick the usual sweet-melody that the birds sang. The rats had refused to play the ‘hide n seek’ game —they enjoyed it in d middle of the night and the wee hours of the day.  What is going on? A question that poked through my head. At first, I had thought I wasn’t in this universe. A voice had told me to place my hands on my chest. I was relieved my heart was beating. That’s lovely. Slowly n steadily, the acceleration increased. What would have caused it? “Your exams, stupid!”, my  brain had told me. I laughed inside my sleepy head. Why should my heart be this way because of an exam. Mehn! I had to disrupt the quietness. I knelt down with my head bowed low to say my morning prayers. I immediately rushed to the reading room to start assimilation. I really need to pass this exams. I have to. I had realized I haven’t had breakfast later on n decided to have a quick brunch. That was how my morning was. Hope yours was good n lovely. ?

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