31 Things From Walmart You’ll Love If You Want Your Whole Home To Celebrate Fall

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A pretty and practical welcome mat, because you want to greet everyone’s favorite season AND your guests.

A welcome mat that says "hello fall."


Welcome mats are the unsung heroes of seasonal decor. They’re easy to store, simple to switch out, and add instant personality to your front door.

Price: $11.88


A decorative wagon for your porch, which could not look cuter filled with all your pumpkins and mums.

The green decorative wagon on a porch.


Promising review: “The wagon is worth the price. I bought it to use outdoors to display seasonal flowers. Now I have a potted mum in the wagon and scarecrow sitting on the seat.” —Crazy Mary

Price: $53.98+ (available in three colors)


A gorgeous and classic autumn wreath with colors so perfect literally no one will judge you if you keep it up all year long.

The wreath hung on a door.


Promising review: “A beautiful swirl of fall colors. Very natural. Very attractive wall hanging that can be used all year.” —NatureLover51

Price: $39.99 (originally $45.99)


A cheerful rustic sign to hang on your wall or lean up against a shelf to help set the mood all season long.

A sign that says "happy fall y'all".


Promising review: “This sign is terrific! It looks really good and was delivered in great shape due to the packaging.” —GrandmaGoGetter

Price: $20.92+ (available in seven sizes)


A classic spiced pumpkin Yankee Candle, which will trick everyone into thinking you’ve been baking fresh treats all day.

The pumpkin scented candle


Promising review: “This fragrance embodies everything fall! I’ve had so many compliments from friends and neighbors this season when they have come into my home. It makes everything feel warm and cozy.” —Jeni B

Price: $16.88 (available in 12 options)


A two-pack of this festive fall garland, to show that while fall leaves are beautiful on the ground, they’re even prettier when they’re hung up in your home.

A garland of fall leaves on a banister.


Promising review: “I’m glad that you get two of them. I put it on the front of my fireplace mantel and it looks very nice. Some of the leaves are bent or folded but I steamed them and now they’re great.” —Austynnrein

Price: $16.99 (originally $28.99, available in seven colors)


An impressive white pumpkin and berries candelabrum, which will show your guests that you understood the assignment.

The candelabrum on a coffee table.


Add some flameless candles to it and you’ll never have to worry about cleaning up the wax. 

Price: $49.99 (originally $59.99)


A 16-piece ceramic dinnerware set in a shade of pumpkin that looks *almost* good enough to eat.

A place setting showing off the dinnerware.


Promising review: “This set is gorgeous. It exceeded my expectations when I received it and opened the box. I love the color, great for fall. The color was stated as being pumpkin but it’s even better.” —Bris1fan

 Price: $84 (available in six colors)


A set of colorful throw pillows, which will give your living room a seasonal update faster than you can say “Pumpkin Spice Latte.”

The orange throw pillow


Promising review: “Love the texture and quality of these pillows! They are inexpensive but you wouldn’t know it! They are filled with cushion to provide a comfortable rest behind your back.” —karen

Price: $7.88


A beautiful set of two ruffled pie plates that’ll look sweeter than…ya know…on your table.

Two marigold colored pie plates with ruffled edges


Promising review: “I love these dishes. I just made my first pumpkin pie in the larger pie plate and it came out perfectly!” —Lg

Price: $19.97


A buffalo checked table runner, which will help you turn every meal into a celebration of the autumnal harvest.

The table runner on a fully set table


Promising review: “This is a beautiful table runner. It is a nice gray checkered color. The fabric itself is a nice thick material but light enough to easily fold it or move it around.” —Magz

Price: $10.57+ (available in two sizes and two colors)


A set of adorable stacked fabric pumpkins to make sure the bookcase in your Zoom background stacks up to the rest of your fall décor.

The stacked fabric pumpkins.


Promising review: “Super cute and well made. Material is heavy duty and will last for a long time. Colors are neutral so they can be placed anywhere you choose for your decorating.” —Charles

Price: $15.90


A charming set of ceramic jugs, so you can get the fall farmhouse vibes we crave all year, TBH.

The set of three ceramic jugs.


Whether you use them as vases or just style them on a shelf, these cuties get the decorating job done.

Price: $14.24


A set of autumnally hued dish towels, which will definitely come in handy because all that delicious fall baking = more dishes.

The five dish towels in various patterns


Promising review: “Firstly the patterns are very simplistic and beautiful. They are woven very well so it’s very high quality, there aren’t any stray strings anywhere. Also very usable, it dried my dishes quickly.” —Tutor Angell 

Price: $22.99 (available in two colors)


A fun felt ball garland in the quintessential fall palette, just begging to grace your mantel.

The felt ball garland on a table.


Whether it’s for the living room, or if you want to bring some autumnal joy to your kids’ rooms, this versatile piece will be one of your favorites every year.

Price: $36


A set of plaid flannel sheets for optimal coziness — and fall style — on those crisp autumn nights.

The sheets on a queen-size bed.


Promising review: “These sheets are so soft and warm. They are so comfortable so sleep in. I don’t get too hot, which can be a big problem for me. I love the pattern and comfort.” —meesh4713

Price: $14.97+ (available in four styles)


A super-soft and comfy throw blanket, which will keep you warm on the couch when you’re snuggling with your ~pumpkin~.

The throw blanket on a chair.


Promising review: “I like the fact that it is perfect and long enough that it covers my feet when sitting in my recliner. Winter is on its way and I will be nice and cozy with my cover.” —Mary

Price: $21.62


And a set of two storage baskets, because you’ll need something cute to hold all your super-cozy throw blankets.

The baskets.


Promising review: “I cannot say enough good things about these baskets. I absolutely love them. They are very durable and hold way more then I expected.” —kathryn

Price: $24.09


A pumpkin patch sign, which will let anyone who visits know that your home has officially transformed for the season.

The sign.


Promising review: “Bought this to enhance my fall decor. Use inside on mantel. It is large, very good quality. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s great. Price is very reasonable.” —Dp2021

Price: $19.72


An elegant lantern to help you burn through your very expansive collection of scented fall candles.

Three lanterns styled on a dresser.


Promising review: “Very well made. I loved the shape, and the three sizes were the look I wanted.” —Marjorie

Price: $12.48+ (available in three sizes)


A set of foam pumpkins, because let’s face it…we need them around for longer than the real ones would stay fresh.

Three foam pumpkins on a table.


How long is too long to keep them out? Asking for a friend… 

Price: $14.22


A seasonally appropriate mug, which needs some pumpkin spice coffee in it, STAT!


This mug is best used with fuzzy socks, cozy blankets, and a good book.

Price: $16.99


A set of pumpkin lights, because this will look just gourd-geous wherever you put them.

The pumpkin lights.


Promising review: “LOVE these lighted pumpkins! I got both sizes. They add beautiful accent to my home. Everyone that comes over compliments on them.” —Teresa S

Price: $48.43+ (originally $59.99, available in two colors and three styles)


A rustic wooden tray that’ll serve as the perfect vessel for styling all the autumnal knickknacks you’ve acquired over the years.

The tray with books in it.


Promising review: “This looks exactly what the photo shows. Nice weight, and good size. And arrived faster than what I was expecting. So nice!” —Ang

Price: $14.22


A six-pack of amber bud vases, which will make the colors of your fall florals really pop.

One of the vases.


We’re coming for ya, bright-yellow sunflowers!

Price: $17.99 (originally $25.99)


A flameless candle to get all of the fall vibes and none of the worry if you happen to take a nice long nap (and why wouldn’t you?).

The flameless candle on a table.


Promising review: “Pleasantly surprised how nice the candle glows and flickers like it’s real. Fairly large pillar that will look great alone on a table with a candle ring. Love that it has a timer!” —Love2shop

Price: $14.88+ (available in two colors and six sizes)


A cute accent pillow, which will look sweeter than pumpkin pie sitting on your sofa.

The pillow, which says "hello pumpkin," on a couch.


Real talk…you can never have too many throw pillows. It’s impossible.

Price: $12.97


A rustic wood mirror, perfect for that last-minute fall scarf and jacket ‘fit check before leaving the house.

The mirror hangs above an entryway table.


Promising review: “Super cute! Made of real wood! Heavy! I’m not going to lie, I was a little afraid that they were going to look cheap. I’m so glad that they DO NOT!” —Christi

Price: $63.90+ (originally $72.08, available in three sizes and three colors)


A firepit, because sitting outside by a fire, breathing in the fresh autumn air, and sipping on something warm is the stuff fall dreams are made of.

The fire pit.


Promising review: “Sturdy compared to other we had. Great value. Perfect for the space we have. Cover is really neat as it goes all the way down leaving an inch or so from the ground uncovered.” —AnaB

Price: $35.01 (originally $48.30)


A decorative pumpkin to add the finishing touch to the autumnal tablescape you’ve been envisioning all year.

The decorative pumpkin on a table.


Promising review: “These pumpkins were perfect for placement on small tables. They were a great purchase for the price.” —Lori

Price: $12.88


A set of autumnal window clings, so you can always see the falling leaves when you look outside.


They’re great fun if you have kids…but also if you don’t.

Price: $12.84

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