17 Tweets About Millennial Parents That Are As Funny As They Are True

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Communicating in emojis:

“We’re not 😡 at you, we’re just 😔 by your choices.” – millennials as parents


Fighting the burnout:

Me, a Millennial parent, when my kids ask me to be emotionally present and also cook for them:


Connecting everything back to capitalism:

why is this literally millennials as parents


Being blackmailed by their kids with video evidence:

Millennials as parents, “9 PM curfew”

*kids shows video of us shotgunning a four loco and breaking a table*

“Well played, 2AM it is..”


Having a very unromantic “how we met” story:

Millennials as parents explaining to their kids how they met: “Well son, it all started when I was 2 years deep into stalking your mom’s Twitter at 3 AM and accidentally liked a tweet”


And kinda being a hypocrite because of that story:

Millennials as parents:

“We met on tinder! But don’t talk to strangers.”


Not having quite as much to hang over their kids’ heads as their boomer parents did:

Today’s Parents: “When I was your age I had a 2 jobs, delivered newspapers on my bike every Sunday and was top of my class.”

Millennials as Parents: “When I was your age I had a Fortnite Battle Royale live stream twice a week and a Youtuber diss track with 550 likes.”


Putting an emphasis on therapy:

Parents of Millenials: NO DATING UNTIL YOURE 18



Being clueless about some technology things they should probably know:

growing up with millennial parents sometimes consists of you having to teach them simple things to do on iphones as if they didn’t watch the internet become what it is now like youre telling me you understood limewire but can’t share your location??? sus


Raising their kids on non-dairy substitutes:

Millennials as parents: “Don’t cry over spilled almond milk or any other non-dairy substitute!”


Using GIFs to convey emotion:

“Always speak your mind, but before that, ask yourself, ‘Can a gif say it better?’ ” – Millennials, as parents


Having elite music knowledge:

Right now. A Millennial parent is somewhere dancing to Lil Jon vs T Pain battle telling their kids “You don’t know bout dis.”


And having not-so-elite music knowledge:

Being a millennial parent is just getting mildly high and trying to explain to your kids that a band called Hoobastank once existed


Taking an obscene amount of videos:

Nice thing about being a millennial parent is someday I’ll get to spend my retirement editing video of my kids’ entire childhood.


Desperately wanting their little ones to be edgy:

Being a millennial parent means pretending to be cool with pink and princesses when all you want is to shave half your kid’s head and give them a bunch of temporary neck tattoos.


Living in fear of Google:

Fun millennial parent moment: With sweetly sharp curiosity my eleven-year-old son asked, “Mommy, what would happen if I Googled your name?”


And bending over backwards for their kids:

When I was a kid my mom refused to cut the crusts off my sandwiches.

Now my 7yo refuses to eat sandwiches that aren’t cut into the shape of a star.

Somehow I feel like this really sums up being a millennial parent.


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