You can now Register and Login on Gistwheel with your Facebook,Twitter, email,and Linkedin accounts!

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Social login
Have some good news! For weeks I’ve been receiving emails from people complaining about difficulties registering for New accounts on Gistwheel. Some people also forgot their login details and could not access their accounts.
To solve this problem, we have initiated the SOCIAL LOGIN/REGISTER system.
How it works
1.visit the site at
2.scroll down to the side bar
3.Click on SIGN IN
4.You’ll see a sign in page with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and google,click on any of the social networks where you have an account.
5.You’ll be asked to confirm your social accounts (the one you choose to login with)
6.Once confirmed:
You’ll see options to link your Gistwheel account (if you already have an account) or To CREATE a Gistwheel account.
If you are creating, you’ll be guided through a simple step to register and login.
If you already have an account, you’ll link your account simply by typing your Gistwheel account username and password.
After that, you’re good to go! Any other time you visit the site,just click login,and choose the linked social account and you’ll be logged in right away!
NB: Ensure to tick the “I’m a human being check box”
Thanks for your Support. For any other issues direct your questions to us,on Facebook using the messenger icon on the homepage or click contact us.

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