You Can Now Own Zendaya's Gorgeous Evening Gown In "Malcolm & Marie"

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Did you love Zendaya’s evening gown in Malcolm & Marie? Well, now you can own it!

Zendaya (L) and John David Washington in "Malcolm & Marie"


Jason Rembert made the custom-made dress with help from Zendaya’s stylist, Law Roach. The gown features a high leg slit, thin halter straps, abdomen cutouts, and a metallic Lurex.

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But as beautiful as it is, the dress is not very affordable. If you want it in your closet, then you’re going to have to shell out $1,200 for the online pre-orders — and it won’t be shipped out until May, 20.

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Roach revealed he came up with the movie star’s outfit when he was having a conversation with Malcolm & Marie director Sam Levinson.


“He said he wanted us to create a dress that was timeless,” Roach told ELLE. “That, when people watch this movie 20 years from now, the dress will still be relevant and beautiful. He really wanted to create an iconic piece of fashion.”

After working with Rembert, Roach created three outfits that “would be flattering to Zendaya” and would help her “become Marie.”

“We had a fitting. Then we made notes,” he said. “We sent some dresses back to Jason with the notes. He did all the alterations. Then the final dress was created. And there you have it.”


“One of Sam’s notes was that the dress needed to have movement,” Roach continued. “The fabric needed to be able to carry light. Jason and I went to the fabric store — on FaceTime, of course.”

The result was truly iconic!

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