What's A TV Couple You Loved When You Were Younger But Now Realize Is Super Toxic?

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Let’s be honest — we’ve all probably shipped a TV couple knowing it’s not exactly the ~healthiest~ relationship. Sometimes that toxic excellence just hits different!

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Sometimes, though, you might look back on a TV couple you used to love and wonder what the heck you ever saw in them.


So, we want to know: What’s a TV couple you loved when you were younger but now realize is super toxic?


Maybe you loved Ezra and Aria together on Pretty Little Liars as a teen, but now you’re super creeped out by the student-teacher trope.


Perhaps you were initially really invested in Blaine and Kurt’s relationship on Glee, but now feel like they weren’t really compatible or good for each other.


Or maybe Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl was one of your biggest OTPs as a teen, but now you can’t stand the constant back-and-forth and think Blair actually deserves better.

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Tell us about a TV couple you loved when you were younger but now think is toxic and why you don’t like the relationship anymore. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!


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