TikTokers Are Sharing Jaw-Dropping Stories Of How They Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating And I Am At A Loss For Words

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TikTok user @mandiiikayyy recently shared how she found out her ex was cheating was on her. The story starts with pink, synthetic hair and ends with another girl DMing her — here watch:


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After telling her story, she asked other users to share the wild ways that they found out their partners were cheating on them and you just gotta see some of these for yourself…

User @coconutjon — who runs Ranger Farms — took his wife to a bar only to discover she was pretty well-known by the men there:


#stitch with @mandiiikayyy I hate cheaters #REMDreamCheck #HowBizarre #BagelBopsContest #laugh #cashappinbio #redbadger #fyp #followme #fortheboys

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More users flooded the comments of the original video to share their jaw-dropping cheating stories, like this woman who got an STD from her ex while she was pregnant:

Comment saying, "I contracted an STD six months pregnant that I didn't have when the first time I went in."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who tried to be super thoughtful on Valentine’s Day only to find out their ex was seeing someone else:

Comment saying, "My girlfriend lied to me about working Valentine's day and I tried to show up to surprise her with chocolates but her boss said she requested it off."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who realized their ex was so invested in another person that they were studying their compatibility through astrology:

Comment saying, "His search history was seeing if Gemini and Aquarius are compatible. I'm an Aries."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person whose ex’s little kid exposed their affair:

Comment saying, "His 4-year-old daughter told me she was having a new brother."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

And this person whose ex’s own dad exposed theirs:

Comment saying, "His dad told me."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who realized her friend’s sister was dating the same guy as her:

Comment saying, "I showed my friend a pic of my BF and she said that's my sister's BF."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who found out her ex was sleeping with his own cousin:

Comment saying, "He received a text from his cousin saying not to worry because her baby wasn't his."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who found out she was fixing the phone of the person her ex was cheating on her with:

Comment saying, "I work at a phone store and a girl came in her phone wasn't working. My BF texted her while I was trying to fix her phone."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who stumbled upon her ex’s own engagement party:

Comment saying, "I went to a restaurant and he was having a whole engagement party."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who walked in on their ex half naked in bed with a “friend”:

Comment saying, "Found him comforting his best friend in bed and they were not fully clothed."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who found out because their ex announced it on Facebook:

Commenter saying, "He posted it on Facebooked and thought he had me blocked."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

And this person who found out because of the power of TikTok:

Comment saying, "I found out on my fyp."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who discovered their ex was cheating at a red light:

Comment saying, "Pulled up next to them at a stop light."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person’s ex whose mom called out her son:

Comment saying, "His mother commented, 'Aren't you with Sam' on a pic of him with his ex gf."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

This person who found out their ex saved his side piece as “Pizza Hut” in his phone:

Comment saying, "When pizza hut was texting my man."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com

And this person who had a vision that she needed to check her ex’s phone and it was right:

Comment saying, "I saw his phone passcode in a dream and tried it and the next day and it worked. Turns out he had two other girls on the side."

@mandiiikayyy / tiktok.com



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