These Are The 21 Best Quizzes From May

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ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It’s a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from May 2021 — in one place for your convenience.


Let’s Find Out How Much Money You Could Win On A Harry Potter–Themed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Luna Lovegood with the words "What is Voldemort's real name?"

Warner Bros. Pictures / ABC / Syndication

No lifelines in this one, but real fans won’t need them. Take the quiz here.


Choose 10 One-Hit Wonders And We’ll Guess Your Age With 91% Accuracy

"Somebody That I used To Know" music video with number 15 and "I try" music video with number 37

Eleven / Universal Music / Epic Records

*Automatically adds “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.* Take the quiz here.


These Actors Are In Everything, But What Do You Know Them From?

Jennifer Coolidge in "Legally Blonde", "Cinderella Story", and "American Pie"

MGM / courtesy Everett Collection / Warner Brothers / courtesy Everett Collection / Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

These actors are the backbone of Hollywood. Take the quiz here.


Here Are 22 Random Movies That I Think Everyone Needs To See — How Many Have You Watched?

knives out screenshot

Lionsgate / MRC

Let’s see how good your movie taste really is. Take the quiz here.


I’m Gonna Ask You The Names Of Your Classmates Growing Up — Then I’ll Guess Your Exact Age

Shocked Miley Cyrus with many names


If you think we can’t calculate your exact age, think again. Take the quiz here.


I Feel Like Fighting Today, So Let’s Decide If These 35 Celebrities Are Cool Or Not

Blake Lively and Mel Gibson


A completely random list of people I want to know if you think are cool or not. Take the quiz here.


Build A TV Detective Team And We’ll Tell You How Likely They Are To Solve Your Murder

"Choose a detective," "Choose a coroner," and "Choose a lawyer"

USA Network, CW, ABC

Choose correctly or risk a cold case! Take the quiz here.


Customize 5 Meals To Your Liking To See How Much Of A Picky Eater You Are

Ramen and spinach strawberry salad


For me, beans should not come anywhere near nachos. Take the quiz here.


Here Are 24 Of The Worst Movie Sequels Of All Time — How Many Have You Seen?

"Scary Movie 5"

Dimension Films

They can’t all be Shrek 2. Take the quiz here.


These 17 “Bad” Movies Are Hated By Critics But Loved By Everyone Else — I’m Curious Who You Agree With

Side-by-side of Cuba Gooding Jr. in "Rat Race" and Elizabeth Berkley in "Showgirls"

Paramount Pictures / MGM/UA Distribution Co.

I don’t understand why A Cinderella Story only has a 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. Take the quiz here.


This “Watched It” Or “Skipped It” Disney Quiz Will Reveal If You’re An Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert

"Aladdin" with the word "watched" and "Tangled" with the word "Skipped"


It says a *lot* about you if you skipped The Emperor’s New GrooveTake the quiz here.


These Weird Questions Can Predict If You’re Under 20

Bath with the words "over 20" and shower with words "under 20"


The ultimate age test. Take the quiz here.


These 15 Actor Age Gaps Are So Wild, But I’m Curious If You Can Guess How Big They Really Are

Side-by-side of Tom Welling in "Smallville" and Amy Poehler and Rachel McAdams in "Mean Girls"

The WB / CW / Paramount Pictures

Hollywood casting parents who are younger than their onscreen children…wow. Take the quiz here.


This MASH Quiz Has Over 1 Billion Possible Results — What’s Your Future?

"You'll be married to an exotic snake collector" with an X, "You'll be a set designer for Broadway shows" with a check, and "You will live in a haunted manor where everything creaks 100% of the time" with an X


You won’t need a scrap piece of paper or a gel pen for this one. Take the quiz here.


Parents From Around The World Are Considering Naming Their Babies One Of These 50 Names — But Do You Like Them?

Names on sticky notes


The data from 2021 is out — and a lot people are thinking about naming their baby Lucifer. Take the quiz here.


I’m Very Confident I Can Guess Your Generation Based On Which Of These Coming Of Age Movies You’ve Actually Seen

Summit Entertainment / Lionsgate

I just need to know if you thought Mean Girls was fetch or not, tbh. Take the quiz here.


We Know Your Zodiac Sign Based On The Bubble Tea You Order

Bubble tea in the city

D3sign / Getty Images

Bring on the boba. Take the quiz here.


Tell Us How You Feel About These ’00s Makeup Trends, And We’ll Immediately Know How Old You Are

Paris Hilton with frosted eye shadow and Lindsay Lohan with black eyeliner


It’s time to bring back the full face of frosted makeup. Take the quiz here.


We Know The State You Live In Solely By The Foods You Pick In This Quiz

Lobster roll with the word "Massachusetts" and fried cheese curds with the word "Michigan"


We’re really good at this. Take the quiz here.


Getting Less Than 8/10 On This Harry Potter Clothing Quiz Means You’re A Straight-Up Muggle

Hermione with a purple tie and with a red and gold tie

Warner Bros. Pictures

Dumbledon’t make any mistakes. Take the quiz here.


I’m Gonna Ask You Which Apps You Have On Your Phone — Then I’ll Guess Your Exact Age

Phone apps


Please don’t freak out when we get it right, OK? Take the quiz here.


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