the nigeria police force:problems and the way forward.

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the police are law enforcement agents charged with the responsibilities of protecting the citizens from crime.arresting of criminals and charging them in the law court. the police around the world protect its citizens from armed robbers,kidnappers and its citizens providing useful information on criminal activities going on in the area.the police are well catered for.and their salaries and needs catered for by the government.

but in the nigeria,it is not the case here,they are for politicians only.leaving the masses to suffer in the hands of armed robbers terrorizing them on a daily basis.rampant cases of crime have being on the increase because of negligence and incompetence of the police to combat crime in the country.when citizens report cases of crime to the police they will them that they have no equipment to combat crime and that they have not being paid salaries.thereby telling them to write a statement with them and come back at a later date.

the police force ought to be a noble profession for people to join and be reform for good.but it has suffer setbacks as a result many corrupt police officers aid and abate criminals forcing them to commit crime in the society leaving the citizens helpless with nothing to defend themselves.many of the police officers take bribes from citizens for them to survive.when the citizens refuse they kill them with their guns out of anger.

let us take a look at some of these problems:
1.crime:the police give criminals guns to kill citizens with no sanctity for human lives.and are left unsolved.they wine and dine with criminals and are given money to kill innocent people who have not done nothing wrong.
2.lack of equipment:the police lack equipments like gadgets to fight crime in the society.they can handicapped.leaving criminals to roam free and kill citizens in the society.
3.bribes:the police accept bribes from the mafia as a reward to obstruct justice from the public for killing of innocent people.they compromise their position by selling their conscience for money.
4.corruption:many of the police are corrupt they lack integrity and morals to fight criminals in the society.they delay justice.they torture innocent people who have not committed crime to suffer.leaving the guilty ones to suffer.
5.lack of incentives:the police are not well catered for by the government their salaries are not being paid as at when due.they need to be rewarded when they do their job dilligently with passion and purpose.
6.inadequate manpower:the police are not adequate to combat crime in order for them to fight criminals in the area effectively.
to address these problems, a lot need to be done.through the following:
1.the police who are found guilty of corruption should be prosecuted.
2.welfare of police officers should be adequately catered for.
3.retraining of police officers should be taken into consideration.
4.the police equipments should be provided for police to combat crime.
5.vehicles should be provided for police to fight crime effectively.
6.the police force should be overhauled for people to be motivated to join the force.

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