The Most Iconic Super Bowl Outfits Of All Time, Ranked

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Sunday marks the 55th Super Bowl. And while some fans do truly care about the game, let’s be honest, the majority of us tune in to our TVs to see the Halftime Show.

NBC / Via

This year it’s The Weeknd.

Performing at the Super Bowl is a special kind of honor for an artist. So naturally, they tend to bring their A-game, especially in terms of performance outfits.

NFL / Via

That being said, here are 13 of the most iconic outfits of all time!


Michael Jackson (1993)

Michael Jackson posing in black suit with a gold X on the front

Joe Traver / Getty Images

Michael Jackson has never failed to deliver when it comes to fabulous attire.


James Brown (1997)

James Brown on stage in an all-red suit

Al Bello / Getty Images

The man wore an all-red suit. I think it speaks for itself.


Britney Spears (2001)

Britney Spears singing with Aerosmith on stage

Joe Traver / Getty Images

This one I feel needs to be included because Britney out Britney-ed herself. The super-tight pants, the ripped T-shirt/crop-top all scream Britney.


Beyoncé (2013)

Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle dancing and singing on stage

Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

Queen Bey’s outfit was obviously fabulous on its own, but the combined trio with Kelly and Michelle make for the perfect trifecta.


Katy Perry (2015)

Katy Perry riding a giant pretend lion and singing

Medianews Group / Getty Images

Let’s be honest, the outfit is very Fred Flinstones but riding a LION made the whole ensemble iconic.


The Judds (1994)

Wynona Judd singing with headpiece microphone

George Rose / Getty Images

Wynonna Judd came to deliver with this black, pirate-looking, suit. Here for it.


Lady Gaga (2017)

Lady Gag playing a keyboard and wearing a sparkling outfit

Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images

The custom Versace WITH the jacket??


Jennifer Lopez (2020)

Jennifer Lopez wearing a diamond bodysuit and pole dancing with male backup dancers

Focus On Sport / Getty Images

It was like she was naked but for a few perfectly placed jewels. And the pole dancing was a game-changer.


Madonna (2012)

Madonna dancing in black and gold headpiece with two backup dancers

Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images

That crown though. I’d expect nothing less from the Queen of Pop.


Prince (2007)

Prince singing into a microphone and holding a purple guitar

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Perhaps one of the smoothest, and most stylish Super Bowl performers. The purple guitar makes the whole fit.


Beyoncé and Bruno Mars (2016)

Beyonce dancing next to Bruno Mars with lots of backup dancers

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Ok I know Beyoncé is on here twice, but nothing can surpass the complete power that was her surprise “Formation” performance alongside Bruno Mars in 2016. Coldplay was the headliner that year but Queen Bey and Bruno stole the show with their black leather-clad dance-off.


Janet Jackson (2004)

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake on stage singing

Jeff Haynes / Getty Images

This one is iconic for reasons other than just the outfit.


Patti LaBelle (1995)

Patti LaBelle singing with red dress and gold headpiece

Doug Collier / Getty Images

Patti LaBelle managed to look both sexy and classy. No offense to the other performers, but they pale in comparison.


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