Teachers Shared Stories About Overbearing Parents, And Wow, They Don't Get Paid Enough

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We asked teachers from the BuzzFeed Community to share their experiences dealing with helicopter parents. These are the wild results.


“We had a student whose mom made him wear pull-ups until second grade. His mom would come up to the school and change his pull-up every day at lunch. The poor kid was visibly embarrassed every time. He was the youngest of four kids and mom couldn’t handle that he wasn’t a baby anymore.”


“One of the most difficult parents I’ve dealt with was the father of this 15-year-old girl. She was a lovely student and really smart, but under a ridiculous amount of pressure to be perfect. She got over 90% on every test or assignment that year, but he always came to my class demanding that I explain my grading and show him why she didn’t get 100%. He’d even ask to see other students’ work to compare, which I obviously never let him do.”

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“I had a 10th grade student whose mother texted them constantly, all throughout class, even though the students weren’t supposed to have their phones out. Once, the student randomly told me they had to leave in the middle of class. I asked why, and they said their mother texted them that someone was there to pick them up. I hadn’t heard anything about it, had no note saying the student was leaving class, and no call from the office that someone was there to pick them up. So, I told them they couldn’t leave. Next thing I know, the mother called the principal and complained that I wouldn’t let her kid leave class based on a text message she sent them in the middle of a lesson. Guess who got in trouble? Apparently, I should just let any kid leave class at any time for any reason.”


“I’ve been teaching preschool for 13 years and once had a mom who would ‘study’ the following week’s lesson plans with her 2-year-old daughter over the weekend, then make her recite it all to us on Monday morning.”

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“I worked at a school with a student whose parents would pick him up every day for lunch, then bring him back for recess and watch him play. This kid was in first grade, but they insisted on coddling him. Once, he got into a minor disagreement with another child (over kid stuff) and started crying. His mom immediately marched up to him and insisted on taking him home, even though he was fine two minutes later. The principal had no issue with this because the mom was also the president of the PTA.”


“On the first day of kindergarten, we had the parents give hugs and then leave so we could start story time with the kids. One mom was found peeking in the windows, and the assistant principal had to ask her to leave. She claimed her son was upset and still needed her, but he was doing great and making new friends. We thought she had left, but at recess, we saw the bushes start to move. She literally hid in the bushes to ‘check on her son.'”

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“We’ve been doing virtual learning this year. I have a parent who sits just off camera during every single Zoom lesson and does her son’s work for him. She also answers questions in the chat for him and whispers to him to ask me questions about what we’re learning. She probably thinks I can’t tell, but it’s pretty obvious. Meanwhile, he just sits there in his pajamas, with a snack, looking at his phone in his lap.”


“I used to teach at a Catholic school. I am a big Harry Potter fan, so I had a few posters up in my middle school classroom. I had a parent tell me that Harry Potter is demonic, and that she believed reading aloud the spells from the books would summon demons. I refused to remove the books or posters from my room, so she reported me to the priest. As a compromise, I got to keep the books, but had to take down the posters. I think this parent genuinely thought I was a witch teaching sorcery.”

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“A parent threatened to call the police because her son lent out his fidget spinner to a classmate. At the end of the day, he decided that he wanted to retract the loan and asked for it back. The other student said he’d borrow it for the night and bring it back the next day. The parent yelled in my face and said she was calling the police over the ‘stolen’ toy, then proceeded to hunt down the child in question before he boarded the bus. The kids were in kindergarten.”


“I teach preschool and we usually take the kids outside about half an hour after they are dropped off. Before heading out, we try to encourage the children to practice learning some practical life skills, like getting their coats and boots on (with adult support, of course). One mother was convinced that her child could not put on his own coat or dress himself. Most days, he was absolutely fine and usually one of the first kids to get dressed. Some days, his mom would hide in the cubby area until we headed out and yell at me and the TA about how her son couldn’t dress himself and how we needed to do it for him. It usually ended with her son in tears, her undressing and redressing him, and us trying to explain to her that her behavior was inappropriate and she needed to leave, all while the rest of the kids stood and watched in shock.”

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“I’m a university professor, so my students are almost universally 18+. I’ve had parents complain to the dean because they don’t like the way I run my class. I’ve had parents send me 10+ emails in a day because I wouldn’t let their child take a makeup exam. It’s wild to see how far some parents will go, especially when I’ve heard nothing from the actual student.”


“One time, a mother somehow got my personal number and proceeded to harass me all summer through phone calls and texts. She was mad because I gave her child an A- instead of an A+. Needless to say, she was blocked and her child was never put in my art class again.”

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“I coach high school swimming at an all-boys school. This one particular boy had a peculiar relationship with his overbearing mom. One day, he sent me a message that he couldn’t make it to practice. I simply asked why, and he said, ‘I already took my shower for the day, and my mom doesn’t want me getting dirty again.'”


“I’ve got a hedge around my class’s outdoor space and I’ve had had parents peek through the hedge to watch their kids. This outdoor space is off of a private road owned by the school and has a locked gate on the end, but parents will jump the gate just to come spy on us.”

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And: “I had a 10-year-old student who chose to wear T-shirts to school in the winter. When he was cold, he would put on his heavy winter coat, but then complain he was too hot. His mother insisted that my classroom was both too cold and too hot. The head of maintenance came into my room every hour to check the temperature, and then called in a heating service to go over the entire system. This wasn’t enough. I suggested that if he wanted to wear a T-shirt when it was 30 degrees out, he could bring a sweatshirt to put on when he was cold.”

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.


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